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Apr 1, 2009 07:05 AM

Dinner in Conshohocken

Off to Conshy tomorrow AM for my Daughters wedding on Saturday. All arrangements are in place with the exception of Dinner for a small group, 5, tomorrow eveining. Any ideas? Not italian, the Rehersal Dinner will be at an Italian spot in Conshy.

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  1. I would suggest Blackfish. Wonderful BYO restaurant with inventive food. Emphasis is on fish.

    1. Fayette Street Grill

      1. I would try something in Wayne (not too far away from Conshy), lots of good solid places. For some reason I can't figure out the fascination with Blackfish; have given it several shots, but have had several bad meals....... In Wayne try Teresa's Next Door - they have a killer beer selection and great food (particularly the mussels).

        1. I would avoid Blackfish - it has gone downhill, and we had a very bad meal there two weeks ago. Depending on what you are going for - Coyote Crossing is very good Mexican (not Tex Mex), and has lovely outdoor seating fi the weather holds for you. I also adore the quaint and quirky French restaurant, the Spring Mill Cafe.

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            Doxiemom - Agreed re Blackfish! In fact last time we were there I had to send my meal back. Ordered the surf-and-turf and the short ribs came out cold - not luke warm, but COLD. They were very accomadating, however for that price I expect a better meal.

          2. I am surprised by all of the negative reviews here for Blackfish. It is in my opinion the only place to eat in Conshohocken. I am local and have eaten there many times and the food is fantastic. The dining room however is not so fantastic, loudness and closeness to other tables is annoying on busy weekend nights. For a fantastic dinner (albeit expensive) I would recommend Savona. It is in Gulph Mills. It is literally 5-10 minutes from Conshohocken. It is Mediterranean food.
            I think Coyote Crossing has mediocre food. Spring Mill cafe is cute and lots of people like it but I went there only once and the food was not good.

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              Can you give us some idea of the menu & pricing? I tried their website and can't get the cuisine and wine links to open.

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                We have eaten at Blackfish several times over the last 3 years - and the two most recent times we have been very disappointed (case and point with my most recent post). The service has always been great - the food not so much. With tip our last meal I think was $110-120, and for that price at a BYOB I want great food. My food was cold and we were both underwelmed with my wife's entree - both were great presentations but lacking in flavor.

                Love Savona, little pricey and not BYO, agreed re Coyote Crossing. CC is fun for lunch in the summer though - outside seating.

                1. re: EpicurBurbs

                  Sorry to hear the bad reviews on blackfish, not that I am affiliated with them. I love it there and since it has opened I have never had a bad meal. I don't love their bouillabaisse, but I don't actually love bouillabaisse anyway, i only hoped that I would like theirs because it got such glowing reviews. I actually think the food at Blackfish is some of the best in the Philadelphia area, at any price. I have never had anything delivered cold, and I have had the surf and turf dish as well as recommended it many times and it has been equally enjoyed by friends. So, just to be fair to the restaurant, this may have been your experience, but not standard practice. I guess everyone has a bad night.

                  We have had great meals and Craig LeBan just gave Mango Moon a nice review and friends went last nighht and returned almost every dish, so it happens from time to time, I guess.