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Apr 1, 2009 07:04 AM

Last Restaurant Standing 3/31

I didn't actually see last nights episode, but I was hoping to catch up with a post about it - So far no one has written anything so I'm just curious if anyone saw it last night.

I am still reeling from last weels challenge, How the heck did the boys skate by again!
They are a train wreck! Two hours late?? Giving orders/work to the hosts!? Asking for wine from the hosts?? I really found it painful to watch them.
I wasn't too crazy about the Welsh Wok team, but I din't think they were worse than the boys and they did not deserve to lose that challenge!

Also I'm curious because Nels team were shown into a room with the dead deer and birds that were to be dinner...but then they never showed how the meat was actually butchered.
I seriously doubt that the woman (name??) - has butchering experience.
How was that situation handled ???- I was very surprised they never addressed that.
Did I miss something?

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  1. The Welsh Wok Team (Peter and Laura) was not specifically worse than the boys (Alasdaire and James) - each obviously had their high points and low points throughout the challenge. BUT, when "accused" of not being very good at preparing/plating the meal by both Tim AND Inspector David, Peter did not defend himself at all (and was called out on it by Raymond), and then Peter totally sealed his fate, I believe, when he said that he didn't feel he had the confidence or authority to give orders to his staff. This has been an area of concern for Raymond from the beginning.

    No, they never addressed how the meat was butchered.

    Last night's episode the teams had to market their restaurants by giving public cooking demonstrations as a means of bringing more people in to their restaurants...

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      I think Alasdaire (thanks for the names) must be a very good chef - and why they have dodged the bullet som many times now

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        Actually, James is the chef on The Gallery team. Last night FOH guy, Alasdair (or Alli, as they were calling him at the judge's table), was in the hospital because of his heart condition. And I agree with you about James's food. Inspector Sara has raved over his food in the past and I think that Raymond is impressed with him as well. The problem is they're too young and can't think their way out of a box. In fact, they usually succeed in thinking themselves INTO a box. I think James's food is the only thing that has saved them.

        Here is a link to their bios: (Good lord, it says James is 24 and has a 10-year-old daughter!)

        1. re: pisang goreng

          Thanks PG!

          "James is 24 and has a 10-year-old daughter!)"
          uh Yikes!

          Gosh - after reading that - I find it hard to believe Alasdair has had so much experience - he seems so clueless!

          Just read all of the couples bio's - I can't believe Helen (of Nels) is my age!
          that calls for another Yikes! - I thought she was about 10 years older (sorry to say )

    2. I really like this show but have to say that I thought the challenge this week was really incredibly unfair to some teams. Nobody goes to a regatta to see a cooking demonstration.(True the boys naturally took a bad situation and managed to find a way to make it even worse.) At a regatta with everything going on a cooking demo would be the last thing on any ones mind. In fact RB chewed them and more or less said the same thing when they tried to do something in they very same place a few weeks earlier. A shopping center is slightly better but not much seems very random. However doing a cooking demo in a farmers market is a completely different story. People there are there for the food. There is already a willing audience in place. It was a very very lopsided competition. So much so what's the point in having one.

      This brings me to my second point, the editing seemed a little off. We saw and heard where three teams were. But there was no mention of where Nel’s was set up. We saw about thirty seconds of them on some street and that was it. Another example is when the contestants arrived RB was standing behind a counter top laded with food and a hot stove. Nothing happens. The narrator later refers to the demo he has just done.(?)

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        I agree about the marketing placements. Clear advantages to someone in a Farmer's Market over an indoor mall. Whoever planned this portion of the segment did not think it through. I am guessing, should there be another season, this challenge will not reappear in this format.

      2. Last week, the Wok folks sealed their fate during their post-challenge interview. Both Peter and Laura just looked beaten down. Neither of them had the internal charisma spark even under the best of circumstances, but following this challenge, they were completely deflated. Raymond Blanc is clearly attracted to people with a spark in their eyes. He views this as "passion," one of his favorite English words.

        Our Gallery Boys were given another reprieve even though Raymond clearly stated that he didn't need any more children. I think James can cook, and the "team" is seriously hoping that Alasdair can somehow learn what he needs to know to manage the front of house. Alasdair desperately needs some one-on-one training though. Has he even figured out how to keep a reservation book?