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Apr 1, 2009 06:52 AM

Kayem new official hot dog of Fenway

I love that a local company is making the Fenway Frank now. And that Greg from Speed's was quoted in the article! I live in Southie but haven't made it to Speed's yet. As soon as they're open on weekends, I'm there!

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  1. They said on the news today that the new Fenway Frank will be "bolder" in taste. Hopefully this is a good thing! :-b

    1. This is good news. I never understood the fascination with Fenway Franks...they were disgusting and bland at best and the fact that there was a market for them to be sold in stores was even more mind blowing.

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      1. re: mats77

        The Fenway Frank product sold in stores is always the same, whereas the hotdog sold at the park as a "Fenway Frank" is a totally unrelated hot dog, which is subject to change (e.g. what just happened).

        1. re: Luther

          Perhaps in the past but the Globe story says that Kayem will be selling their Fenway Frank's at both the park and in the supermarkets.

            1. re: mats77

              Got some Fenway Franks at the Burlington Market Basket today. (Oh, the crowds on Good Friday. OMG.) For sure they are the new version: there is a Kayem logo on the package. There are beef and regular versions. I got the regular version. In an attempt to simulate the Fenway experience, I steamed it at home. My verdict is, they are pretty mild. Nothing bad-tasting about them, just pretty mild. Oh and yes, you can't have a Fenway Frank (or any kind) without mustard. It's just WRONG! Gulden's is the first choice, but any mustard would be better than none.

              1. re: PinchOfSalt

                Didn't the article say that teh new recipe was only for the stadium dogs?

                1. re: jgg13

                  I am not sure which article you are referring to, but I doubt it. According to, "Besides the million dogs served at Fenway Park, Kayem is preparing an additional 8 million of its Fenway Franks that will begin arriving this week in supermarkets across New England."

                  1. re: PinchOfSalt

                    I was talking about the one, so I suppose I stand corrected :)

        2. Good news, though eating Fenway Franks at Fenway for the taste is kind of like reading Maxim for the articles, i.e., sort of beside the point. I'm all for a better frank, though; I ate at least one of the old ones per game (Gulden's mustard only), and they were pretty unremarkable.

          Favorite part of the Globe article: "At a test taste sampling at the Globe yesterday, Gale [of Speed's] preferred the new Fenway Frank to rival brand Ballpark. But the bold taste was a little too much for hot dog guru and sports radio personality Eddie Andelman, who said he prefers a milder frank because he eats so many." Guess it's in the genes!

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              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                LOL that quote is funny on so many levels!

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Speaking of which..........when is the Hot Dog Safari? :>p

              1. re: mtm7654

                Hot Dog Safari....May 31st Suffolk Downs
                See you at the PEARL stand!

                1. re: sinned61

                  As "Bob" used to say in his commercials........."I doubt it!".


                  1. re: mtm7654

                    For the record, Bob stole that line from Dean, he of the awesome mullet. Mmmm, mullet. Does anyone serve mullet in Boston restaurants? I hear it's good smoked.


                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      Now that I think of it, it was DEAN and not BOB. Oh well, twin sons of different mothers.

              2. re: MC Slim JB

                I always thought that the 'monster dogs' that they'd been selling the last few years tasted suspiciously like speeds dogs (speking of Greg) - minus the delectable toppings & cooking method of course. I wonder if this is the new bolder taste?

                1. re: jgg13

                  Good for Kayem. I love their Old Tyme nat. casing pups, especially off the grill at Sully's on Castle Island (in three days!). I hope the Kayem Fenway Frank approximates the Old Tyme taste, which for my money, is one of the best local products on the supermarket shelf.

                2. re: MC Slim JB

                  Apparently, the Kayem people are not paying the "protection fee" to the Andelman Brothers (aka fantum goormays), but Don Eddie Corleone is only too happy to eat/shill Pearl Hot Dogs (they ARE awesome) if the price is right.

                  1. re: hoohah

                    Kayem is a quality frank. Much better than the Kahn's brand which was the previous Fenway Frank. I live in N.J. where we have Thumann's (beef and pork) and Best Provisions (all beef) so I know quality hot dogs. Pearl is one of the better beef dogs. It's important to differentiate between the spicier kosher style all beef and the German style beef and pork frank which is milder with a subtle array of spices. The better ones (Kayem, Thumann's, Schickhaus, Deutschmacher) are mild without being considered bland.

                    Eddie Andelman ought to get out more. If he thinks Kayem are too spicy, why does he like Pearl which is twice as spicy?

                    1. re: hotdoglover

                      One should not dare to go too far down that road. Pearl has long been a sponsor of Andelman's hot dog safari. I'm a longtime Kayem fan, but I really enjoy Pearl, Shofar, Thumann's, Vienna's. Needless to say, hot dog lovers are fortunate to have plenty of qulaity options - including the new Kayem Fenway Frank, which to my taste, is much better than the Sara Lee version.

                3. Has anybody had one of the new dogs at the park? Wondering how they are at Fenway.

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                      1. re: TrishUntrapped

                        Tried one at a Foodshow last week ,,as Chef and Hotdog lover I was impressed ;;As a Die hard RED SOX Fan ;;Yeah they found a good one here ,, gonna have more at home then @ Fenway,,,because of $$ ,,