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Apr 1, 2009 06:45 AM

What to eat at WD-50?

I am heading to WD-50 this weekend. I am against doing the tasting menu since a large portion of this is dessert and I am more interested in the savory selections. Huge seafood fan, but I do not eat meat. I am planning on ordering a slew of dishes to try with a small group. Taking suggestions, please!?!

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  1. Was just there a couple weekends ago. The Eggs Benedict appetizer is awesome -- not to be missed. None of the other apps we had were all that great (the octopus was bland -- definitely skip, and while the eel in the eel thing was really really great, the rest of the dish didn't really come together). I have heard the foie is very good, and regretted not going with that. My dining companions each had a different fish (the bass and the turbot), neither of which really blew me away, but both were good (the bass was better IMHO, great crispy skin, but the turbot texture was also nice very pillowy). I had the beef, which was excellent, but there was way too much peanut going on. It needed something to balance the peanut or just less of it (I also did not detect any tamarind as advertised, which I love). Of our entrees, mine was my favorite, even with the peanut overload. Don't skip desserts even if you are not really a dessert person -- at least try one. I am almost always underwhelmed with desserts, but theirs were great. Honestly, the cocktails (had several of the Good Old Tom) and the desserts were the highlights of the night (Eggs Benedict excepted). We had the Brioche and the Hazelnut tart -- of those the Hazelnut was my favorite.