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Moving to Creve Coeur, MO, any good restaurants?

I'll be moving to Creve Coeur the first of July. Are there any good restaurants there? Not chains, but love seafood and Chinese or Asian.

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  1. Unfortunately, Creve Coeur is dominated by chain restaurants and there are few local places that are worth visiting. I've lived in Creve Coeur for 18 months now and if I want a decent meal it is either cooking at home or driving into the City. Creve Coeur is full of conveniences, but few unique restaurants.

    As for Asian or Seafood place, the only non-chain Asian place is House of Wong- tolerable Chinse, just like the Clayton location. I can't think of any good seafood options -Bristol's is in Creve Coeur, but that technically is a chain as well. Everything else is a chain or not technically in Creve Coeur (driving east on Olive will eventully bring you to a plethora of ethnic restaurants and Bob's Seafood).

    1. Lots of options within 20-30 minute drive (just FYI, everything in the STL area is a 20-30 minute drive on average). Check Sauce, the local dining scene profiler. www.saucemagazine.com Lots of reviews, maps, ratings, etc. Good luck with your move!

      1. There is a stretch with a number of Chinese restaurants just a few minutes east of Creve Coeur on Olive near 170 (the inner belt) near where Olivette transitions into University City. One of if not the best of them is LuLu's, which also serves cart dim sum on weekends. There are few places that specialize in seafood -- my favorite is in Clayton, Oceano Bistro.

        1. Where are you moving from? Forget about eating in Creve Coeur. Head due east on Olive. You'll eventually a long stretch of Asian markets and restaurants, along with a Jamaican joint at the I-170 intersection. There are good and bad and it really depends on what you are used to. Asian in Iowa is different than Asian in California so try a bunch. However, towards the eastern edge of this collection of joints is Seafood City. A bit scary for those inexperienced in Asian markets, but they have live tanks with everything from crab (blue and dungeness) to frogs, turtle's, clams, cockles, mussels, etc. Also, try Lulu's seafood and there is a little bakery that makes wonderful pork buns nearby. Seafood is hot or miss here. Oceana can be very good or just so, depending I guess on who is cooking. The upper restaurants like Harvest, Niche, Monarch all pay due respect to the raw ingredients. Don't fall for Bristols. Good luck.

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            Thanks all! I'll be moving from Richmond Heights, so know about Monarch and Harvest.

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              I've been wanting to try the Jamaican place. Have you been there? I'd be interested to hear how it is.

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                Da Palm Tree has wonderful Jamaican food. My husband loves the jerk pork. I am really fond of their curried shrimp.

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                  Thanks! I'll definitely have to stop by and give it a try one of these days.

            2. There are some decent restaurants around Creve Coeur, or at least in areas surrounding Creve Coeur. In terms of Korean, you have Hangook Kwan, and if you drive to eastern Chesterfield, you also have Korean karaoke bar Koreana (which serves food), and a bakery. In the same general area as Hangook Kwan, you've got sushi at Tachibana, St. Louis Bubble Tea, good falafel and shwarma from Pita +.

              Pumpernickel's has some reliably good deli food, and Bagel Factory, while not a restaurant per se, carries some of the only full-on NY-style bagels in St. Louis. In Ruchi and Flavor of India, you've got two of the best Indian restaurants in the city, and you're just a short drive from Gokul (vegetarian, inexpensive, and fantastic), India Palace, and Priyaa, for that matter. In Chesterfield, Hot 'n Sour specializes in Indian-style Chinese cuisine (Ruchi carries a few Indian-Chinese items as well).

              Thai Buree is near Koreana in eastern Chesterfield.

              Creve Coeur may be dominated by chain restaurants, but if you look for the independents, the Creve Coeur/Chesterfield area is no slouch when it comes to international cuisine.

              1. If not in Creve Coeur exactly these are close.

                La Bonne Bouche Beautiful desserts, brioche, Bahn Mi So gets their bread for sandwiches here. I have eaten lunch and breakfast there but not in the last year.




                Pita Plus in the same shopping center as the (beloved/hated)Happy China @ Fee Fee and Olive--loved their falafel

                We plan to try Gulf Shores Restaurant and Grill this week.

                Others to try that I have seen recommended but just haven't gotten around to myself. Maybe someone would comment.


                Astoria-Russian Food- I've read good and bad but want to try it myself beause it seems unique-in the same shopping center as Happy China

                Olivette Diner

                1. I second the vote for Spiros, which holds many good memories for us.

                  Also, if you're in the mood for Chinese, I recommend King Doh on Manchester in Rock Hill.

                  1. What about Il Bel Lago? http://www.ilbellagosaintlouis.com/

                    About 4 years ago, we visited Cafe Bellagio in the same space and it was terrific (http://www.lthforum.com/bb/viewtopic....). Not sure how different this similarly named place in the same spot is, or what exactly has been the change. Looks promising despite the weird website.

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                      I think it is the same place. Perhaps the Bellagio name caused them some issues.


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                        My understanding is that the Bellagio in Las Vegas took exception to their use of the name and so they made the change. I was relieved to know that no longer would there be throngs of people wandering through Creve Coeur and mistakenly entering this restaurant thinking it was a Midwestern branch of the Las Vegas resort.

                      2. I used to live in Creve Coeur. We used to eat at Cardwells at the Plaza a lot. Great variety of stuff, changing menu daily and as fancy or casual as you want to go. They have three different eating area. Technically it is in Frontenac, but very close.

                        I haven't seen anyone mention Oishi Sushi. It is on Ballas behind Plaza Motors. In my opionion, it is my favorite sushi in STL.

                        Although not a restaurant, The Bagel Factory, at Olive and Mosley, has great bagels.