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Mar 31, 2009 10:55 PM

Green Salads YVR?

Looking for the best (predominately) green salads in Vancouver-west side preferred but will travel a bit.

The best Caesar I've found is @ Darby's Pub quite nearby lucky me.

I'm actually asking for a friend who lives in a remote locale (where fresh greens are rare) who would like to 'load up' on his bi-monthly visits to town.

Buffets are fine if they offer real salads not just jellied this and pasta filled that.


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  1. I was just discussing this recently with a friend who tells me that the salad bar at Caper's is the place to go. (I'm not much of a salad person, personally).

      1. i highly recommend Hy Bar at either City Square on Cambie and 12th or their location downtown on Hornby between Nelson and Robson. tons of variety!

        1. Not sure if this is what you're looking for but:
          My fave salad at the moment is the spinach salad (not gomae) at Zakkushi. The spinach is very lightly cooked and it has an addictive sesame soy dressing. They have an interesting daikon one as well but it has a few too many dried fishy things for my not-so-fish-lovin tastes.
          La Buca has excellent salads, especially, but not soley, their take on a ceasar with bitter greens and pancetta.
          My husband loves the hot seafood ceasar at Bridges.
          Does the Naam still have good salads or am I crazy for even thinking that? Its been a decade or two.