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Mar 31, 2009 10:22 PM

Wedding cakes on a budget?

I know this sounds far fetched and not rooted in any sort of reality, but are there any good, artistic bakeries that might be able to do a 100-110 person cake for around $500?

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  1. What do you mean by "artistic bakeries"?

    I do know that Van's Bakery in SGV can do a mighty fine (and big) wedding cake for a very reasonable price.

    Van's Bakery
    860 E Valley Blvd
    San Gabriel, CA 91776
    (626) 288-7272

    1. Do you have a picture of a cake or cakes you like? What area are you in? If you can give more info, it will be easier to advise. I'm a cake hobbyist so I like to know that people are happy with their special occasion cakes.

      1. you can also get one at Phoenix bakery and Porto's for a reasonable price. We got ours at Porto's for around $350 and it served 80. I'm not sure what you mean by artistic? Do you mean the kind of cakes you see on that show on food network with fondant?

        1. Ruby Bakery in Eagle Rock has fantastic whipped cream/strawberry cakes (they are known for this) amongst others that are very reasonably priced. I have ordered their cakes for several parties and everyone asks where I got it. Not sure how artistic it will be, but you can give them a call. Open 7 days a week.
          5042 Eagle Rock Bl. (just south of Colorado)
          Los Angeles, CA 90041
          (323) 259-9052

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            I was going to suggest a whipped cream and strawberry cake from wherever the good (Asian?) places are that make them! One of the best cakes I've ever had in L.A.

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              Angel Maid in Mar Vista considers this type of cake as their pride and joy. Their sheet cakes are very reasonable, but I have no idea how much they charge for wedding cakes.

              Angel Maid Bakery
              4538 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA

          2. Sweet Gems in Huntington Beach would probably do it for that much.


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              There totally is. I got married in October and my part was 75 people and my cake was only $250.00 I think and people kept commenting on how unbelievable it looked and tasted (we had a black and white wedding, so we got a black and white cake). It came from La Provence (


              Trust me, not only is it cheap, but it is the best wedding cake you will ever have!!