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Mar 31, 2009 09:29 PM

Best Dinner Near or In Pike Place

Spending a 'family' day exploring the waterfront area............
Bug Safari
will have lunch at Ivar's.

Looking for a spot for an early family dinner in or near (walking distance) from Pike Place Public Market.

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  1. Is Matt's in the Market a good choice?

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    1. re: alexa52

      Alexa, Matt's is certainly family friendly and a cut above the waterfront, tourist spots. Also recommended are 94 Stewart St. and Steelhead Diner.

      1. re: alexa52

        Matt's is a great choice, I'd steer you away from Ivar's however. There are far better places to eat in the Market.

      2. Head up the stairclimb across from the Aquarium to El Puerco Lloron, the crying pig , and have some asada tacos with a side-order of a dozen fresh, steaming, tortillas...

        1. Do youtself a favor and cross the street to climb the stairs toward the Market and go to El Puerco Lloron, for some asada tacos and a side-odrer of freshly-pressed, steaming hot tortillas (not on the menu, but ask)

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          1. re: mrnelso

            El Puerco LLoron is a good and casual choice. Matt's is child friendly enough, but the menu isn't that appeallling to our young one (after two lunches there). Steelhead Diner would be better, or even Etta's.

            1. re: zoogrrrl

              Oh, yeah, Puerco Lloron closes at 7 weeknights and 8 Friday and Saturday.
              Cruise this site for lots on the Market, which is a gas for kids (I practically grew up there)
              Pan African Market (open til 9:00), up on First Avenue, just up the hill from Pike Place, has Ethiopian foods and great Njera - very fun to eat with your fingers...
              Steelhead and Etta's are both good, but if this is an adventurous famly, maybe Maximilien, for mussells and a view.
              Dare I mention that I loved the Spaghetti Factory when I was a kid?