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Mar 31, 2009 08:51 PM

What are the best bicycle trail/riding restaurants in Austin?

I'm heading to Austin for a long bike trip. Wondering if any restaurants are where other bicyclists hang out, or any spots off hte trails worth checking out. I heard about a farm stand trail, Anybody know where it is? Thanks.

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  1. There's a good burger place at the entrance of Rocky Hill. But, that's like 90 miles from here. And, there's all the places along Barton Springs which is close to the greenbelt. Otherwise, I don't know any specific restaurants.

    1. Tacodeli is full of cyclists, runners, and walkers from the green belt. Off Barton Skyway on Spyglass. I have probably been to Tacodeli more than any other restaurant in my life. I'm addicted. I recommend the chicken frontera fundito, the cowboy, the tacoloco, the mojo fish, or a vegitarian option, the heather. Excellent queso and salsas.

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        Yep, Taco Deli at the Spyglass trailhead probably has the Barton Creek Green Belt market sewn up. Grab a cold beer from the grocery mart next door and enjoy their fine tacos! The Mojo Fish with their rojo sauce is my favorite. Open until 3.00 pm on weekends, and expect pretty long lines if it's good weather.