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Mar 31, 2009 08:48 PM

ISO: Creme Brulee

I'm meeting a friend for a birthday dinner tomorrow and one of two requests that she has is creme brulee!

We're having dinner around Bloor and Spadina and I'm looking for a decent place to have creme brulee for dessert. I'm definitely looking for your standard creme brulee (if they have other flavours that's fine but they have to have the standard) and am willing to go anywhere downtown-ish (west to ossington, east to sherbourne, north to st. clair, south to king) - but the closer to Bloor/Spadina the better.

I'm open to high-end places but am equally happy with run-of-the-mill spots.

Any tips would be great!



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  1. According to this review, creme brulee is featured sometimes at ONE in Yorkville.

    I haven't been yet, but I would assume many of the restaurants there would carry it - including Jacques Bistro du Parc. Perhaps give them a call?

    Good luck

    1. I'm not sure if you can just have dessert at Mistura but I had the most AMAZING three little pots of creme brulee last time I was there. So very yummy. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

      Mistura - 265 Davenport

      1. Bistro 990 at Bay & Wellesley ( is a great spot.

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          La Gamelle has excellent traditional Creme Brulee, at College and Bathurst.
          Their prix fix is good value.
          Here is a thread that discusses other French restaraunts:

        2. There's a cafe at King and Tecumseh called Wagamama... they're usually only open during the day, however if you can alternatively do take out dessert at home, you can certainly get some there and burn the sugar at home! The creme brulee from Wagamama is my favorite so far that I've had in the city - even better than Bymark.

          1. Thanks all!

            We ended up at Jules Bistro at Queen and Spadina ( for some yummy creme brulee. I hadn't been there before but would love to go back for their prix fixe.