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texas school reunion trip

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I am returning to Houston for my 25 year grad school reunion in one week. We will be traveling to San Antonio for a few days then a few days in Houston. I would appreciate any suggestions for great places to eat and/or visit in and around those two areas.

I will not be traveling out of Houston proper so food and activities close to the center would be great. In San Antonio we plan to venture out. I did visit New Braunfels when I was in school and loved the German atmosphere so we may be heading back that way. I am also traveling with my 11 year old son who would like some interesting things to do. I understand that there is a river for canoeing somewhere near New Braunfels. We would like stuff like that. We may travel to Austin so my son can visit the dreaded home of the Longhorns (for some reason he already thinks he is a Gator).

Please send family suggestions. We all like really good food but don’t need anything fancy or over the top. Good wine is always appreciated. We will definitely be visiting Goode Company, and the original Ninfas in Houston other than that we are open.

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  1. While you're in San Antonio, definitely drive over to Luling for BBQ at City Market, and then scoot up the highway to try Smitty's, Black's & Kreuz in Lockhart.

    Although that's gonna completely ruin Goode Co for you, for all time.