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Mar 31, 2009 07:25 PM

Monday Nights on Cape

since I have a friend in town, we had a funny jaunt yesterday night when we decided to treat ourselves for a night out. it started simply, with a recommendation for a'louette or the red pheasant. we decided on the red pheasant, which we arrived at to discover, was closed.

no problem. scargo cafe is next door.

it, too was closed. for septic reasons.

as was center stage.

we saw someone at blue moon bistro, so we thought we'd stop and check. they were there all right, but they, too were closed.

we called ardeo and 3 or 4 other places, but finally gave up and hit the cape dog or some such place near 134 since we saw cars.

so- WHERE do y'all go for dinner on monday nights?

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  1. Oh yeah Mondays are tough,, April now here alot of places will change hours and days Hyannis area has more options on a Monday has anyone tried new Steak House on North st,, Yet?

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    1. re: chef24

      Mom and family went to the Red Pheasant last night so I think they are open Monday? They also have the bistro menu.

      1. re: chef24

        Been to the Steak House twice. Both times with a party of 8. Food was better than "very good" 1st time just after they opened and the deal was two for one. All 8 of us ate for under 100.00. The 2nd time was for a roast beef special at 14.95. All but 1 of us had the beef and all were outstanding! The other person had tuna. Not a good choice, he said that is was only ok.

        We will be going back.

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          Thanks for info on New Steak house hope to get there soon ,, I guess i just enjoy my own ribeye on thegrill at home too much,,

      2. Actually, you lucked out on a couple of those places being closed. Its tough in Northside Dennis this time of year especially on Mondays. Surprised to hear the Phes was closed though. Not a real fan of Scargo, Center Stage, or Ardeo. Glad you skipped Olivers. You could have gone up 6A to Inaho or further to Barnstable Village to The Dolphin. But that's about it on 6A mid-Cape worth venturing to this time of year. Hyannis is your best bet I guess. Had a nice app at the new Steak house but wasn't impressed by the dinners delivered around me. As I didn't have an entree I'll reserve judgement.

        1. I think Brazil Grill at the west end of Main Street is open. Asia in Mashpee Commons is open Monday.

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          1. re: Afar

            Yes Afar, at this point in the season, most every place is now open on Mondays.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              For hzp, I should be clear that B Grill & Asia are open year round on Monday.