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Mar 31, 2009 06:07 PM

Seal Beach, Friday night

I'm meeting a friend on Friday about 5:30-ish to pick up our race packets for the Seal Beach 5K/10K on Saturday. We want to grab dinner after - I'm an omnivore, she's strictly vegetarian. I'm thinking Seal Beach/Belmont Shore area. Both of us are relatively frugal.... Any recommendations?

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  1. One of the Mediterranean restaurants in Belmont Shore..George's Greek, Magic Lamp, Sunnin, or Open Sesame. They're all on Second Street within walking distance.

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      Thanks! Mediterranean sounds like a great option. I'll let you know what we finally choose.

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          We eat a lot in the Seal Beach, Belmont Shore, Marina Pacifica area. Agree that Open Sesame is the best of the Mediterranean options. La Creperie is probably a good option as well. We would also recommend the Kamal Palace (Indian) in Marina Pacifica -- not much atmosphere but the food is very good, and obviously there will be a lot of vegetarian options.

      1. Just to close the loop, we ended up at Taco Loco on Main Street, a block or two up from the Seal Beach pier. My friend had a fish taco and veggie taco a la carte which both looked great with lots of fresh toppings. I had a burrito (sorry, don't remember which one) which was beans, rice and shredded pork, served wet. Flavor was good, but I should have read the description better because it was very heavy. It was, however, large enough to make 2 meals for me.

        Overall, I'd try the restaurant again, but read the menu descriptions more closely and shoot for a lighter, fresher option.

        Post race on Saturday, we hit the Schooner or Later for brunch. I'm always dumbfounded by the crowds there. The food's okay, but not sure we'd have waited as long as some of the folks who came after us had to. Is it the location? Food? Price? Or just that longevity breeds familiarity?

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          It's a fun atmosphere with the marina alongside, generally good food and hearty portions for the price. Nice area to take morning stroll after the meal, too.