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Mar 31, 2009 05:45 PM

Seafood near airport

I have a two day stay over in San Mateo and am looking for a moderately priced seafood restaurant. Any recommendations?

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  1. The only "moderate" seafood restaurant in San Mateo would be The Fish House, on Norfolk nearFashion Island Blvd. Very basic menu, large place, always busy. Not gourmet cuisine by any standard (altho they do have a more upscale place upstairs) but it should suit your need. It's part of a local, small chain, and they claim to own their own boat(s). It's nice to sit by the window that faces a canal.

    1. California has few seafood restaurants, and lots of good restaurants with seafood dishes (231 ellsworth had a very nice scallop when I was there last, hong kong flower lounge has crab, etc). If you could provide more information about the kind of food you like, the distance you're willing to travel, and how much you're willing to pay, we can be of greater assistance.

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        I would prefer a good grilled seafood selection, scallops are great, fresh fish fillets, shrimp or praws. Within 15 miles of the airport, if possible.

        1. re: billbertg

          15 miles would put San Francisco to the north and Redwood City to the south within your range.

          In SF some popular places you might want to check out are Scoma's (Fisherman's Wharf), Aqua (high end seafood in the Financial District).

          On the peninsula, there is a chain you can look into, but I can't vouch for the quality: The Fish Market in San Mateo. Cooks Seafood in Menlo Park is average (counter service, plastic fork kind of place).

          If you're willing to go beyond the 15 mile limit, head across the GG Bridge to Sausalito (21 miles from SFO) and check out Fish. They specialize in sustainable fish and prepare it very well (you pay for the quality), it's the best seafood restaurant I've been to in the Bay Area

          1. re: Shane Greenwood

            Scoma's is within 15 miles but not within an hour most times of day. Consider yourself warned. Any restaurant on the east side of SF might be within striking range - such as Aqua.

            231 ellsworth is in San Mateo, fine-dining oriented and happens to do a lot of fish - half of the entrees - right in san mateo and easy to get to. You'll find mixed reviews here, but - I think - mostly due to the expectation / delivery gap. They set themselves up as the best restaurant between SF and palo alto, they're good but not that good.

            Fish Market is decent, probably what you're looking for. It overlooks a lagoon so is not unsenic.

          2. re: billbertg

            Although I haven't been to the San Mateo branch of The Fish Market (mentioned by Shane, and surely the place rednails is referring to), I've been to other branches, and that's exactly what they have -- a good grilled seafood selection. I've found their fish to be top quality. Moderately priced.

            1. re: Steve Green

              You got it right. I think it fits the OPs request perfectly.

        2. Kincaid's by the Bay ..has a great bar, nice bay view and fresh seafood on the menu.