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Mar 31, 2009 05:39 PM

Fried Clams and Oysters

I know about Pearl and Mermaid and the Oyster Bar; any other suggestions?

I still have fond memories of a restaurant at 3rd Avenue and 10th Street called the Lobster Pound that had not only reasonably priced lobster but the absolute best fried clams south of Maine. With bellies, of course. Long gone, the Lobster Pound, but never forgotten.

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  1. Jin -- japanese restaurant -- on Broome street on LES has great plump fried oysters with this mayonnaise type dipping sauce. Prune (if it's still on the menu) serves up some really nice plump babies as well.

    1. had an order of fried clams at jeremy's ale house down near south st. seaport; strips yes but freshly breaded and fried to a crisp but still tender; pretty damn good. last time I had fried clams was in ipswich, maine and those were monsters. ah well.

      for the other take on fried oysters (asian salt-pepper style), check out Andy's Seafood and Grille, if you're willing to trek out to Rego Park. Beautiful beautiful fresh oysters, light coating of cornstarch, and ask for the small dish of salt-pepper to dip in. divine.

      1. I've had some nice and tasty fried clams and oysters at Mary's Fish Camp in the West Village on 4th and Charles.