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Pizza in NOLA - where?

Hi. Promised my vegetarian friend we can get pizza somewhere tonight (she's been a good sport and has allowed me to eat-at-will here thus far). Any good pizza recs? Is Louisinana Pizza Kitchen good?

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  1. LPK is good but I prefer Theo's Pizza on Magazine. They have several specialty pizzas that you could definetly do minus the meat and they are still wonderful. The Hippie and the Artie Garlic are all veggie and superb. Naked Pizza is also pretty good with all natural toppings and ingredients.

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      Rocky's on Magazine is good, as are Theo's (also Magazine) and Slice (St. Charles).

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        Theo's or Slice get my vote. Both good pizza joints.

      2. I am very much the meat eater, but the Sun Pie and the Quattro at Reginelli's have always satiated my need for good pizza.

        Second Theo's also and both Reginelli's and Theo's have a more upbeat atmosphere than LPK in my opinion.


        1. Hope it's not too late, but LPK is very good. It's much different than regular pizza - smaller, crispier (but still with a good crust) and a well proportioned amount of toppings. Plus the location is nice, right across from the Old U.S. Mint, right on the corner.

          1. Louisiana Pizza Kitchen is good. Reginelli's and Warehouse District Pizza are my favs.

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              Is the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen uptown on Carrollton at St. Charles another branch of the same place? Is the Uptown branch as good?

              I vote Slice or Reginelli's, although do NOT get any wine at Slice.

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                The two LPK restaurants were formerly owned by the same couple, but a messy divorce got them each their own LPK (so I was told by a waiter at the FQ location). They both carry similar dishes, but I have yet to try pizza at either. FWIW, I prefer the atmosphere and some of the dishes at the FQ LPK.

            2. New York Pizza when hot and fresh is the best pizza in the city. I an't beleive no one mentioned it! Best Sausage, best sauce, and they brush the crust with butter garlic. I would pick SLICE after New York. theo's is decent but to my taste New York Pizza rules in New Orleans!

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                I also like ny pizza. I love their "queens" pizza. Only problem is it's expensive.

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                  Have you tried Cafe Nino on Carrolton?

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                    +1 Cafe Nino. new orleans sure aint a pizza town (dont get me started), but Nino's is the closest thing to lovable foldable east coast pie. nice folks, too.

                2. I used to really like Slice a lot, and I still do for the variety of slices, but go there for the fancy slices, like the BBG or the four cheese. i've found as of late that they are far too salty - Theo's too - and it leaves me terribly bloated. I can't say that I frequent Rocky's at all because everytime I go there it's terrible service and my order gets messed up.

                  However, if you want a good, thin crust New York style pie, Venezia's has got the best pizza in the city. The crust is about perfect and the homemade sauce is fresh and well seasoned. They always have a crazy line on Saturday nights and generally speaking they have an old-school crowd. One of the ways I think you can judge the quality of a place - families have been coming here for decades. I usually order the pizza and pick up, but it is far more delicious if you have it right out the oven.

                  I've cycled through most of the pizza places in New Orleans, and Venezia's is my favorite. Other than that, in all seriousness, for pizza by the slice, Doughbowl.

                  1. Sorry, too late for you, but Cote Sud is the best. Wood fired oven. Thin crust, good toppings. And they have several veggie options. My second favorite is actually the Dough Bowl, by the Boot.

                    1. I agree about the Dough Bowl...as long as you don't go when all the drunk kids are stumbling out of the Boot. They have great thin and crispy crust. My other favorite is New York Pizza.

                      1. I've tried a bunch of pizza in NOLA, sadly, most of it underwhelming. I know good pizza, Pitfire and Mozza in Los Angeles, I've eaten the great joints in NY (John's, Grimaldi's, #28 Carmine, that place on E 13th street), of course Boston and Chicago too.
                        Theo's is a joke! Often hailed as "the best," the crust is like bread dough, the toppings thick, the price $$$$ and always a 20-30 minute wait for the pie! Come on NOLA, that's crazy! I've watched the kitchen in "action" it's NOT a pretty sight. If I were the owner I'd fire them all and UP the standards.
                        Slice is good, nice people, good crust, fast service and great ingredients. I like that they'll custom bake a slice with toppings of choice!
                        Went to NY Pizza. It's dirty, the guys who work there are right out of an SNL skit. The slices are VERY small though the cheese and crust are good. Most city health depts would shut them down for their food prep practices!
                        I'm going to try Cafe Sud and see about some wood fired magic.

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                          Obviously NOLA is not exactly known as a gourmet pizza mecca. I will stand behind Theo's and Naked Pizza and also really like Reginelli's, but if you are coming from out of town there are so many other cuisine options that will give you a true taste of NOLA. I would not recommend a quest for the best where pizza is concerned in NOLA. Save that for Chicago or New York.

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                            head over to Brooklyn Pizza on Vets near Houma Blvd. A real foldable NY slice.

                          2. Mark Twain's pizza landing on metarie road is really pretty good. not typical pizza but no place in New Orleans comes close to being like something from the north (be it Boston or NYC) so I would choose Mark Twain's anyday.
                            Slice is okay, a bit to heavy on the cornmeal and too light and flavorless on the sauce though!

                            1. If it still there, Mark Twain's Pizza on Metairie Rd in Old Metairie was always awesome.

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                                This post is 1 1/2 months old. OP wanted to have pizza Mar. 31.