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Mar 31, 2009 05:27 PM

Jericho's Kitchen: Florence, MA really nice

Jericho's Kitchen is a take-out restaurant serving full meals. It's small and on Main St Florence. Tried it this evening for the third time and am very (and increasingly) impressed. Fresh, varied menu, well prepared, very generous portions. Every dinner gets a full salad. Wife had mango citrus grilled chicken with brown rice and fresh veggies. Very large portion..enough for lunch tomorrow. I has a country pork ribs, lean and nicely spiced with dynamite baked beans and purple cole slaw. Price: $7.99 for each meal !!! Amazing value for the fine quality.
Other visits I've had the roast chicken and the cuban beef ropa viejo?) and my wife had very fresh salmon both times. We had the last meal delivered and the food came in sturdy containers and arrived warm enough to eat with re-heating.
This place is a little gem and deserves to be supported. They are open for lunch too but I haven't tried lunches yet. The chef knows exactly what he's doing!
Any other reports?

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have passed Jericho's and wondered what goes on there! It is the featured restaurant in the Gazette today. I will definitely try it sometime soon.

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      Made it to Jericho's yesterday. I bought a sandwich, a bag of chips, a bottled soda, and two entrees for $23! Aside from having to deal with one of the local public drunks, we thought the food was very good.

      I read on the website that this guy used to cook at Spoleto's and Zoe's. We really don't like Spoleto's and Zoe's was just okay, but he seems to be doing something different here.

      The sandwich was a meatball grinder and my husband and I split it for lunch. The sauce was a very simple but tasty pomodoro sauce with chunks of flavorful tomatoes and not much else. The meatballs were the firm variety with parsley and mostly tasted like hamburger. While I prefer a softer meatball with some added flavor these were not bad. The puzzling part of the sandwich was that the meatballs were served on two slices of artisan country bread. The flavors were great together but the sandwich was wrapped in parchment and it was kind of soggy by the time I got home. We had to eat it with a knife and fork! We still thought it was good.

      Tonight we had the entrees - chicken piccata and baked ziti w/meatballs and they were both good. The chicken piccata had just the right amount of lemon sauce and capers and the chicken was au natural as opposed to breaded. We chose pasta over rice and it came with very lightly steamed squash and zucchini. The ziti was very cheesy with just the right amount of pomodoro sauce. We also got a salad of red lettuce, grated carrots, and shredded red cabbage with a red wine vinaigrette, which must have come with the baked ziti. The portions of these two entrees were HUGE. There was enough food for at least 4 people, so that is the only warning I have! Not a bad warning.

      I guess the thing about Jericho's Kitchen is that the food is as good as (most) people can cook at home. My big complaint with restaurants in the valley has been that I'm tired of paying high prices for food that is not as good as what I can cook at home. I will definitely go back.