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Mar 31, 2009 05:03 PM

Baskin Robbins: Wed Apr 29, 5pm-10pm

I got this in my email. Baskin Robbins isn't my ultra fav for ice cream, but 31 cents? Hey, why not. =)

Bring your family and friends to the 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins to show
your support for firefighters and enjoy scoops of your favourite ice cream for 31 cents.*

*3 oz. soft serve cone or 2.5 oz. hard scoop are 31 cents plus tax where applicable. Limit three scoops per person.


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  1. I'm super lactose intolerant. Do they have lactose free sorbets?

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    1. re: Muffin__Top

      The one where I live (NYC) does have lactose free sorbets... but they use the same scooper that goes into the ice cream...

      1. re: cheesecake17

        why am i not surprised to hear that?

        perhaps Muffin Top can bring her own scoop...? ;)

        ETA: or not - if they've already contaminated the bin with the communal scoop, it's still a problem. sorry! should have thought that one through before i posted.

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Most ice cream places are like that. I don't remember the name of the place, but one ice cream shop in NH had a separate scooper only for the sorbets. The scooper was labelled and was placed in a separate area.

      2. re: Muffin__Top

        This is what they list on their website under "Sorbets/Ices". Of course it doesn't say if they are lactose free. =(

        Pineapple Ice
        Pineapple ice with crushed pineapple.

        Citrus Twist Ice
        Ice made with the tangy twist of lemons and limes.

        Strawberry Sorbet
        Sorbet made with pureed strawberries and strawberry pieces.

        Mango Sorbet
        A wonderfully refreshing sorbet made with a puree of fresh mangoes.

        Orange Passion Fruit
        A refreshing sorbet bursting with the flavour of oranges and passionfruit.


        1. re: Muffin__Top

          I'm lactose intolerant too and was told that the ices are dairy-free but the sorbets are not. I take that with a grain of salt owing to the number of times people get that question wrong but I had a citrus ice and didn't feel any ill effects, if that helps.

          1. re: Muffin__Top

            Lactose intolerance and peanut/nut allergies. So much for most ice cream :-(

            1. re: tjr

              My sister-in-law has a severe peanut allergy and we've successfully gotten gelato from Hollywood gelato before. Once I explained the situation, the server went and got about 4 of their scoops/paddles that had just been run through the dishwasher. He then used the first three to scoop away all the parts of the gelato that may have been exposed to other, cross-contaminated scoops, and used the fourth to scoop out a serving for her. She was nervous, but we all stood at the ready, and she was fine. It was a rare treat for her, as she basically never eats any sweets or ice creams that she hasn't made herself.

            2. re: Muffin__Top

              When you go in to a Baskin Robbins, it clearly has marked all the nutrional information as well as which are dairy free, nut free, etc. So I don't think it would be that hard to figure out when you went in -- the nutrional information and ingredient list is under the name of every flavour.

            3. thanks for the heads up. if you go here, you can get an email reminder on the day of the promotion. ;-).

              mississippi mud pie, tax crunch and love potion #31. i'm comin' ta get ya!
              oh, but i so love jamocha almond fudge! maybe i'll just pay the regular $16 per scoop price.

              1. Yay! Jamoca almond fudge, world class chocolate, and mint choco chip here I come!!!