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Mar 31, 2009 04:55 PM

STK Anyone?

Any recommendations? I know it is not anybody's favorite around here, but I am attending a business dinner and that was the choice. It's free so that barb has been removed!

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  1. I'm not a fan. It's really all about the scene. I only went once, but the duck was actually better than the steak. Shrimp rice krispies are worth trying, too.

    1. the bone in filet was excellent, as were the mac and cheese and truffle fries, but i agree its all about the scene, Donald Trump was dining during my visit, I can't hang with the Donald!

      1. I didn't see anyone sceney when I was there, and the food was really better than decent. I prefer BLT or Mastro's, but if someone invited me I wouldn't hesitate. Their corn pudding thing is amazing.

        1. I can't really tell you what to get, but I can tell what NOT to get.

          Avoid the foie gras french toast -- it tasted like stale bread paired with day-old chopped liver. Disgusting.

          1. Thanks to you all.
            Went with a group of 5 last night and the wine was really amazing -- boy this place has some good wine, but only if you are lucky enough to have a business associate who knows wine ordering (and paying for) it.
            The scene was very trendy, young, sexy well-dressed (expensively well-dressed) Hollywood. The cocktails were extremely good as well.
            The food SUCKED for the most part. Their much lauded Shrimp Rice Krispie were tough and the crack, pop, fizz of the curry sauce over it was neither loud nor tasty.
            I had to send the toughest, unmarbled ribeye I've ever seen back to the kitchen. It was replacd with the second toughest, unmarbled ribeye I've ever seen. A few of the sides weren't bad.
            I would hit the bar (if I could get in) again, but that's about it.

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              Yeah, our ribeye was not good, either. They removed the link to my blog post about it. But that's why I recommended the duck. A place called STK should have better steak.