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Mar 31, 2009 04:55 PM

Dining in a Wine Cellar?

I hope that you can help...
My sister-in-law and her fiancee dined at a Manhattan restaurant in September that sounds incredible. She gave me the name (and I forgot) and she's not getting back to us. For about $200, they dined in a wine cellar with a personal waiter. They enjoyed a 4-5 course meal and each course was paired with an appropriate wine. Does anyone have an idea of the restaurant name? I could be wrong, but I think the name was French.


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  1. maybe Il Buco? The downstair room is stocked with wine, a very nice space.

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      It is actually Philip Marie, but I have read about Il Buco...have you been there? Thank you for responding.

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        I've eaten there a few times, but never in the downstairs room. But I've been down there, I sometimes work for a farmer and help him with deliveries, and you have to navigate that room to get to the fridge. Always had excellent food at Il Buco. Here's a couple of pics.

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          OK, it only posted one pic. Here's another. ... not showing up. oh well. Give Il Buco a try.

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        Philip Marie could really use a new web master! Black font on a charcoal background? My eyes hurt!

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          Thank you SO much, it is! Any advice or opinions?

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            None - never been, but I remembered it being discussed on the board a couple of months ago. Let us know if you go :-).

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              I have reservations for tomorrow night. I have been impressed so far with the professionalism of the staff....I will report about the food. Thanks again!

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                Getting there was awful...I live on LI and we forgot that there were games at both the new Mets and Yankee stadiums, so LIRR was delayed. Then the subway took forever and we got lost walking, but we were only five minutes late. It didn't matter, because they were not ready until about 7:15 for a 7:00 reservation. To be fair, they did NOT rush us out at 9:30, which is when the dinner ended

                The beginning of the meal was inauspicious - we were greeted with smoked salmon with salsa on toast, as well as grilled mushrooms and melted goat cheese on toast. I am not the pickiest eater in the world, but I cannot eat anything from the sea, and I despise mushrooms. It turns out that we could have notified Philip Marie in advance to prevent this. The champagne with this course, however, was wonderful. Our waitress Jen, was incredibly helpful and well versed in wines. We had many choices for the remaining four courses and we were both happy. Particularly impressive were the butternut squash soup and the filet mignon - my husband and I agreed that the filet we had was one of the best cuts we have had the pleasure to experience, and we have dined at some of the upscale steak houses. The wine...that alone was worth the experience. Based on our rather rudimentary descriptions of the wines that we like, she paired each course with an appropriate wine. Each was a success!

                The space itself is very small and dark - it was a little strange at first. We also were not crazy about the iPod playing Billie Holliday, but we learned that you can bring your own music. Once we adapted, we agreed that the space was incredibly romantic.

                We plan on returning with friends to dine in the Tasting Room, which is a larger version of the Wine Room.

                Thank you for the advice!

                1. re: lostmyway

                  Sounds like you found it sort of a mixed bag, but it also sounds like it could be fabulous if you order right (and bring your own tunes) - all things it's good to know going in. See, this is why we have Chowhound!

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                    Thanks for the help! I am definitely going to refer to chowhound more in the future.

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