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Recent Chandler/Gilbert/Mesa Chinese??

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Have an out of town guest staying with us who lives in a very, very small town with virtually no ethnic dining available. She has said she would like to go for Chinese. Does anyone have any recent East Valley experience they want to recommend? Our most recent Chinese was a small place (whose name escapes me) around the corner from the Fry’s at Williams Field and Gilbert. It was good – but not great. Any suggestions?



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  1. C-Fu in Chandler isn't too far. I know there must be some good places around, but I stopped looking after a few terribly disappointing experiments. That was eight years ago, though, and I've been contemplating resuming the search. I'd love to find a great little place right around the corner here in Gilbert.

    1. Asian Cafe Express at Dobson & Main (SE corner) in west Mesa is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Phoenix Metro Area. Despite, the fast-foodish name, it's actually a full-service restaurant, albeit without much ambiance or a liquor license. The printed menu is only the beginning. Scan the walls for the special dishes on hand-written signs. The restaurant is at the eastern end of the shopping center, right by the light rail station.

      1. I like both the places mentioned above, although Asian Cafe Express definitely lacks ambiance! C Fu seems better for seafood than other dishes to me. I also like China King for dim sum.

        We've never found a Szechuan place we really liked here (perhaps b/c we got used to a specific style in CA?), but I'd love to be proven wrong about that.

        1. I've been told by my Chinese friend that Golden Buddha and Great Wall are two of the most popular places in metro-Phoenix. I've never been to either, but her family (dad in particular) drags them there on a regular basis. She took me to Nee House a couple weeks ago. That was quite good with the exception of the West Lake soup we had.

          None are near you, but thought I'd throw them out there anyways. Might be worth the drive?

          Golden Buddha
          668 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

          Great Wall Cuisine
          3446 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017

          Nee House
          13843 N Tatum Blvd Ste 17, Phoenix, AZ 85032

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            Chinese food in the Chandler area is better than Golden Buddha and Great Wall (which are OK), so no need to drive. Tao Garden on Alma School Road in Chandler would be my top pick.

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              That's funny, because she says the exact opposite. But, I digress. Having not been to any of them, I would hardly know.

              I have been to China King on Alma School/Ray. It's decent.

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                Quality of Chinese food in any American city tends to follow the proximity of Chinese residents, plus other factors such as economic status (e.g., Chinatowns may have the densest Chinese population but not necessarily the best food). . Significant percentage of the Asian population in the Phoenix area is within a very few miles of Dobson and Warner in Chandler. Hence more of the best Chinese restaurants are in the Chandler/Mesa area. (But Nee House may be the best of them all.)

          2. It's been a couple of years but there is a place called Pacific Seafood in the Mesa/Chandler area. Oriental seafood dishes are the mainstay but they also have some of the standards. It's a buffet but very nice and the place is exceptionaly clean.
            I think it would be a big hit with her, I understand, half the year I live in a state that's pretty void of diversity in food.

            1. A couple of my favorite oriental buffets are also very inexpensive.

              In Mesa - The Hunan buffet on the east side of Gilbert Road just north of Rt 60.
              In Mesa - Grand Buffet (I think) on the SE corner of Southern and Leisure ( the first red light east of Higley)

              C-Fu in Chandler is good and they have dim sum.

              1. I suggest China King and Tao Garden. Tao Garden has wonderful seafood dishes. In Tempe I still like going to Wongs Place.

                1. We received a flier on our door yesterday for a place in Gilbert, J&K Chinese Gourmet, and tried it last night. I'm happy to report that I now have a favorite Chinese takeout place in the neighborhood!

                  The first thing that caught my eye on the menu was the fact that they have Amoy Mai Fun. It's a simple little rice noodle dish, but I love it, and I very seldom find it. It was well prepared, and had plenty of chicken, pork, and shrimp. $8.95 for enough to feed at least two adults.

                  We also ordered the steamed dumplings. When I opened the container, I was delighted to see six LARGE dumplings, obviously homemade (even the skins). I vastly prefer homemade, fresh dumpling skins to premade ones, and these dumplings were the best I've had in many, many years, and certainly the best I've had in Arizona. $5.95 for enough dumplings to be a whole meal for a hungry adult.

                  We also picked up an order of General Tso's chicken. Typical Chinese-American fare, but very nicely executed. I appreciated the fact that they used good cuts of meat (never ran into a a questionable bit I had to take out of my mouth) and the fried layer of batter was exceptionally thin and light. The sauce was tangy and delicious, with a nice heat. $8.95 for a large portion.

                  After the 15% off 2nd anniversary coupon that came with the flier, we spent $22 and could have easily fed five adults with the food we brought home. My husband (whom I sent to pick up the food while I was home with our brand new baby) reports that the owners were very gracious and eager to accommodate any special requests.

                  We only tried some very standard fare, but I'm looking forward to exploring their menu more thoroughly.

                  J&K Chinese Gourmet
                  2540 S. Val Vista Drive #106
                  Gilbert, AZ 85296
                  Corner of Val Vista and Williamsfield