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Mar 31, 2009 03:10 PM

Grinding Coffee Beans using Magic Bullet

I accidentally bought whole beans instead of grounds and was trying to use my "Magic Bullet" to grind the beans since I don't own a coffee grinder.
I have Starbucks House Blend coffee beans and a small Mr Coffee coffee maker.
About how many seconds is good for a decent grind?

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  1. If it works anything like blade-style coffe grinders, 6-10 seconds of pulsing should do it. You might want to give things a little shake between pulses so that everything gets in the action.

    You sort of have to eyeball it -- depending on the efficiency of the blade, it may take more or less time. The trick is to get the beans all ground to a fairly consistent size -- you want to avoid pulverizing some beans into dust, while the rest have are too coarse to do any good..

    The coffe hounds will tell you that a burr grinder is superior, but fresh-ground coffee (even if not done the "best" way) is way better than pre-ground.

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    1. I use my magic-bullet to grind beans all the time in my vacation home. It depends on how many servings I am making. Best to just watch it, 5 seconds at a time, pick it up off the base and shake it and see what it looks like, if it's not fine enough for your machine push it down for another 5.

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        thanks, the tips worked especially shaking it in between. I had been doing that but not enough and it was taking longer to grind.
        How much coffee beans do u guys usually use for a pot of coffee?

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          I don't usually make pots of coffee, just 1-3 mugs at a time using my Aeropress. The Aeropress calls for a lot of coffee, about 1.5 tbsp per mug.

          I think I used about 5 tbsp of beans the last time I made a pot in the drip machine. It took a long time to grind, and I was worried about them getting too hot. I think grinding two smaller batches might be better.

          One of the reasons people like burr grinders is they don't heat the beans as much. The other reason is to get a consistent grind to get the pull time right when making espresso.

      2. I received some whole beans as a gift. I don't own a coffee grinder either. When I tried grinding the whole beans with the Magic Bullet it smelled like the motor was about to burn up.
        Then I decided to smash the beans first in a bag using a meat pounder. I put the smashed beans in the Magic Bullet. Pulse and shake, pulse and shake until you get the grind you want. No more burning odor and a much more consistent result.

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        1. re: plk77

          [quote]Then I decided to smash the beans first in a bag using a meat pounder. [/quote]
          I hope you were smashing only the amount of beans needed for the brew. The moment the bean is cracked, the clock starts for a fresh, satisfying cuppa Joe.

          I've been grinding my own beans for years with a blade grinder, but recently purchased a conical burr grinder. The difference in consistency of the grind is quite amazing between the two. It translates to a richer, fuller flavor in the cup.

        2. The best thing to do is keep on hand a smidge of custom-grind for your drip maker. Then you know by comparing, so you KNOW WHEN TO STOP.

          The problem with any blade grinder is that you end up with a really wide range of particle size. You want to stop when the grit of your exemplar smidge feels the same between your fingers as what you're Bulleting.

          If you get habituated to this, it works OK.

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          1. re: kaleokahu

            I have used a Baratza Virtuoso burr grinder for years, but it tends to go out of adjustment and grind too coarse. When it was away for repairs, I used my Vita Mix successfully, with a 10 -12 second grind and a 32 oz bowl. It gives me a fine grind at high speed, fairly even, and not overheated.

            The Baratza is acting up again, so I'll go back to VitaMix and send the burr grinder out.