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Grinding Coffee Beans using Magic Bullet

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I accidentally bought whole beans instead of grounds and was trying to use my "Magic Bullet" to grind the beans since I don't own a coffee grinder.
I have Starbucks House Blend coffee beans and a small Mr Coffee coffee maker.
About how many seconds is good for a decent grind?

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  1. If it works anything like blade-style coffe grinders, 6-10 seconds of pulsing should do it. You might want to give things a little shake between pulses so that everything gets in the action.

    You sort of have to eyeball it -- depending on the efficiency of the blade, it may take more or less time. The trick is to get the beans all ground to a fairly consistent size -- you want to avoid pulverizing some beans into dust, while the rest have are too coarse to do any good..

    The coffe hounds will tell you that a burr grinder is superior, but fresh-ground coffee (even if not done the "best" way) is way better than pre-ground.

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    1. I use my magic-bullet to grind beans all the time in my vacation home. It depends on how many servings I am making. Best to just watch it, 5 seconds at a time, pick it up off the base and shake it and see what it looks like, if it's not fine enough for your machine push it down for another 5.

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        thanks, the tips worked especially shaking it in between. I had been doing that but not enough and it was taking longer to grind.
        How much coffee beans do u guys usually use for a pot of coffee?

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          I don't usually make pots of coffee, just 1-3 mugs at a time using my Aeropress. The Aeropress calls for a lot of coffee, about 1.5 tbsp per mug.

          I think I used about 5 tbsp of beans the last time I made a pot in the drip machine. It took a long time to grind, and I was worried about them getting too hot. I think grinding two smaller batches might be better.

          One of the reasons people like burr grinders is they don't heat the beans as much. The other reason is to get a consistent grind to get the pull time right when making espresso.