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Mar 31, 2009 02:49 PM

I bought the wrong wine

I bought "dry" marsala rather than "sweet". Do I need to add sugar to the recipe? How much?Help.

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  1. What are you making? If it's a savory dish, I wouldn't add any sugar unless you think it really needs some after you've added the wine. For a sweet dish, I think you'd probably want to add some sugar. How much really depends on your own taste.

    1. For a desert ... probably.

      In my mind a sweet marsala is about equivalent to an Auslese, which according to the Oechsle scale is abou 85 grams of sugar per litre. The problem is knowing how much residual sugar is in a dry marsala. So I think a reasonable guess would be you need about 2 ounces of sugar for a bottle. If you can alter the recipe during cookimng then go under and add some more.

      Sweet marsala has more of a sherry flavour than the dry.

      Wikipedia seems to know a lot more about this than I do...

      1. Whether you need to add sugar and how much depends on what you're preparing. Is this a dessert or main dish; a fruit laden dessert or meat dish?

        1. If you're making a chicken or veal marsala, either sweet or dry will work.