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Mar 31, 2009 02:24 PM

Ace Wasabi Restored to Excellence!

Thank you Ken Lowe! Thank you Akiyo! Thank you Marisa! Thank you to all the Chefs! Thank you to all the Bus Boys and Dish Washers!

I’m here today to tell you my faith has been restored. I can honestly say without any reservation that Ace is back on top of it’s game. And yes, I do believe we here at IrascibleChef had something to do with it…

Of course Ken Lowe’s response to his loyal customers comments ultimately deservedly gets the credit and thanks! The last time I was back, a short while ago, I proclaimed that Ace was back, but this past visit pushes it over the top!

The latest addition to Ace’s dining room—Akiyo our lovely host and manager visibly present and actively participating in our fantabulous dining experience.

We did have to wait to be seated (but it was welcomed.) Great, there’s a favorite place around the corner to get a drink. We were back within the time limit, but we did have an additional 35 minute wait. No big deal—Asahi and Saki does the soul good.

When we were seated we followed the hostess to the back area and this nicely dressed woman apologized for our wait. (I thought that was interesting—very interesting!) I asked the hostess if that was a manager (A visible floor manager was something I highly recommended and had previously been painfully absent. I was delighted to hear that it was in fact a manager. (I was asked if I would like to speak with her. I said no, knowing I would before the end of the evening.


We had many of the past favorites including the Albacore Tataki (which is still the best ANYWHERE,) Tuna and Salmon Tartare Old Style on deep fried Shinto leaves (not on the menu any more—just ask for it Old Style. This time the ingredient I don’t care for was isolated—dill and I think a little lemon that starts to chemically cook the tartare.)

On the rolls side of things we had the Kamikaze—spicy tuna & asparagus wrapped w/ albacore tuna topped w/ ponzu & scallions, which is always a treat, Spider Could be claimed to be the best Spider roll any where, and the newest addition to the USUAL the Ozzy—oh my, it’s soooo goood! The Ozzy is crab draped on top spicy tuna, topped with sliced fresh Jalapenos that give the flavor without too much heat—simply scrumptious!

On the Nigiri side of things—Salmon sushi is my favorite and always a must order—it was fresh and delicious and Hamachi Toro, which I’ve been getting into lately, was as my brother said, “that was the best bite!”

—All was washed down with Asahi and Saki as if there were any doubts…

We were served quickly with a smile by a helpful, knowledgeable server Marisa who did graciously join us for sip of Saki.

As we were leaving I stopped to thank Akiyo, whom didn’t have business cards yet, gave me some chopsticks with her name and my favorite restaurant in SF it’s restoration to excellence. Ken Lowe—great decision, great hire! Thank you!

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  1. And thank you for the update

    Ace Wasabi's Rock N Roll Sushi
    3339 Steiner St, San Francisco, CA 94123

    1. I live on the east coast, where - to say the least - the sushi cannot be compared reasonably to Ace Wasabi's extraordinary cuts.

      I envy you, oh irascible chef. You may quibble over details such as rapidity of service or presence of a floor manager; for my part, I sit in Montreal, enjoy our French food (superior to yours in SF), our Quebec oddities (hello Au Pied de Cochon), and our many and multifaceted bistros, but yearn for the tuna at Ace Wasabi's. What I would get to receive horrid service, lackadaisical waiters, and regularly available tuna of the quality served at Ace's.