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Mar 31, 2009 02:18 PM

(SAT) Desperate for great Greek/Lebanese

Hello! I'm a recent transplant from Baton Rouge, LA, who is in Mexican and Tex-mex heaven, but I'm absolutely desperate to find a Greek/Lebanese restaurant on par with Albasha back in BR. Albasha had amazing gyros that weren't greasy or heavy, which is important, as I can't handle very greasy food anymore. Are there any "healthy" Greek restaurants in SA?

Some people have recommended Demo's Greek Food, but I haven't tried them yet. I don't care too much about 'atmosphere' or belly dancers- the chow comes first!

Albasha Greek & Lebanese Restaurant
4520 S Sherwood Frst # 102, Baton Rouge, LA

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  1. I second Demo's. There's also Papouli's Greek Grill with two locations:

    1. The Greek Isles at Parker and 75 in Plano is an outstanding Greek restaurant. I have lived in Chicago and Detroit, and TGI is on par with what I am used to there......

      1. You might want to try the "Jerusalem Grill" across from Ingram Park Mall. I have not had their gyros, but lots of middle eastern foods. Best Baba Ganoush in town and the owners are very personable.