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Mar 31, 2009 01:39 PM

Serious Food Allergy Birthday

My sister is allergic to both MILK and WHEAT, and we're looking for a special place to take her for her birthday tomorrow.

Price should be no more than $50pp

Some ideas I have are:

Mengrai Thai

HELP! - please and thank you :)

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    1. my concern with omi is that anything prepared with soy sauce may pose a problem with contamination as there are sometimes gluten filler ingredients in it if he's not using a better version all the time. john lee's best dishes are his korean fusion and they tend to come heavily sauced.

      otherwise i can't be of much assistance as neither of these are a regular concern, no less put together! best of luck!

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      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        Unless you're just ordering sushi/sashimi and bring your own gluten-free soy, I'd probably avoid Omi. Or, even better, head to Zen.

      2. At least Fressen and 668 will understand what you're talking when you mention the allergies. Thai and Korean food — good luck!

        1. I would recommend Vegetarian Haven on Baldwin Street. I took some vegetarians there a few weeks ago and they both said that they preferred it over their old favourite, Fressen.

          1. I would steer away from Cafe 668, they use a lot of seitan for their mock meat dishes. Seitan = wheat gluten.