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Serious Food Allergy Birthday

My sister is allergic to both MILK and WHEAT, and we're looking for a special place to take her for her birthday tomorrow.

Price should be no more than $50pp

Some ideas I have are:

Mengrai Thai

HELP! - please and thank you :)

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    1. my concern with omi is that anything prepared with soy sauce may pose a problem with contamination as there are sometimes gluten filler ingredients in it if he's not using a better version all the time. john lee's best dishes are his korean fusion and they tend to come heavily sauced.

      otherwise i can't be of much assistance as neither of these are a regular concern, no less put together! best of luck!

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        Unless you're just ordering sushi/sashimi and bring your own gluten-free soy, I'd probably avoid Omi. Or, even better, head to Zen.

      2. At least Fressen and 668 will understand what you're talking when you mention the allergies. Thai and Korean food — good luck!

        1. I would recommend Vegetarian Haven on Baldwin Street. I took some vegetarians there a few weeks ago and they both said that they preferred it over their old favourite, Fressen.

          1. I would steer away from Cafe 668, they use a lot of seitan for their mock meat dishes. Seitan = wheat gluten.

            1. I have never been but heard someone mention that they had a hard time getting anything Gluten Free at Linda's (which seemed weird to me) maybe it was just a bad server who didn't understand... that being said Thai is probably your best bet IMO. Too many sauces (soy, oyster, etc) contain wheat so places like Omi wouldn't be great.

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                that would be me i think
                Linda's said the only thing they could say for sure was gluten free was their Phud Thai. Now if she's wheat-free only that might open or close some doors (i.e. rye, barley, malt etc would be okay).

                The owner was at our table that day so i have no doubts that what she said was true.

                I would NOT go to any Chinese food place.

                Mengrai Thai did a great job at accommodating gluten free requests.

                The big deal with restaurants that don't to wheat/gluten free on a regular basis is the issue of cross contamination. My GF will get sick if she ingests the smallest amount of gluten so aside from eating JUST sushi/sashimi, deep blue sea and mengrai thai, there has been no restaurant that she's been to that hasn't made her sick.

                Even the gluten free poutine at gilead made her sick a few hours later. The fact that they bake tons of goods there probably contaminated her poutine.

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                  I'm about that sensitive as well so I can share your frustrations while trying to eat out around the city!
                  I have been to a few other places that do gluten free pretty well. They are not fancy places but good for a meal out. Let me know if you are ever looking for some new places to eat!

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                    if you could list some restaurants that would be great!
                    Maybe if you could update your original post titled gluten free toronto here:

              2. I agree with what others have posted so far. Are you married to the places on your list? There are a million other restaurants where I think you would have no trouble at all - assuming you are up for seafood, fish, meat, etc. And if the allergy is wheat and not gluten, then you will also have no trouble with things like barley and other grains. So you could go for anticuchos or the yummy main course salads at Boulevard Cafe, some fish at Starfish or Joso's, you'd be fine at Tabule, JKWB, Sidecar, Delux, Weezie's, Grace, Black Hoof, Harbord Room, etc. I truly don't think you're that restricted with those 2 allergies.

                1. I am severely allergic to all nuts (not peanuts) - anaphylactic. I had my last major reaction at Fressen. After a lengthy discussion with our waitress and the kitchen, they STILL put pesto in a dish that they said was nut free.

                  Also, while waiting for the ambulance, they made us pay for the meal.

                  I must say that I received a very apologetic phone call the following week, but I still almost died in their restaurant... so I have not gone back to Fressen since (this was two and a half years ago).

                  My bad experience aside, this may have scared them into being more vigilant about allergies!

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                    They made you pay for the meal!! I would have made them chase the ambulance for the $$$. I'm glad you're OK.

                  2. It would be better if you responded to the questions asked about the intoloerance / allergy levels. Does your sister have Celiac disease? I cooked a meal a few weeks ago for friends. She is gluten intolerant (so no barley, oats debatable, etc) and milk intolerant. She could however eat butter but not cheese. And check up if coconut is a a bad one. That one can come as a surprise for a restaurateur.

                    Incidentally, Korean sweet potato noodles are gluten free and a very interesting substitute for wheat noodles.