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Mar 31, 2009 01:26 PM

huitlacoche ravioli?

I bought a 7 oz. can of huitlacoche. I don't expect it to taste anything like the fresh in Mexico I was spoiled with, but I want to try something with it and I'm not sure what. Any ideas?

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  1. I've made huitlacoche quesadillas that were pretty decent using canned huitlacoche.

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      Recipe for huitlacoche quesadillas from Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, via Gourmet:

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        Nice recipe. I usually add some sort of sauce or topping to quesadillas because they can be a little dry and can use a little more "pretty"; I'm thinking of just a thin warm fresh tomato sauce as there are plenty of flavors inside. Thanks for the recipe.

    2. OK, I give, what is huitlacoche?

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        It's a delicious fungus that grows on corn.

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          It's a dark, blackish-blue fungus that sometimes grows on corn. The US spent millions to eradicate it here, but it can be found in Mexico and is quite a delicacy when it is fresh. (My little can was something over $4).

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              Kind of hard to describe but it is really good. I usually buy a can or two while in Mexico.

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            It's nightmare fuel, by the look of it. (Search for a "product review". Not safe for work).

          2. I would swear I had enchiladas with it at Rosa Mexicano in NYC years ago. Checked their menu and didn't find it, but did find the following, which you might want to try:

            Rollo de Pechuga
            Chicken breast filled with huitlacoche. Sautéed and served sliced with a chile poblano sauce.

            Ravs sound good, too.

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              Nice way to add flavors to otherwise bland chicken breasts! A pureed roasted poblano (my favorite chili) cream sauce is easy enough. Gracias!

            2. I may be a dolt, but I don't taste a huge difference in huitlacoche fresh and canned once you've incorporated it into a dish. I've added canned huitlacoche to enchiladas to pep them up some, which works great, but never tried using them in ravioli. That actually sounds promising. It doesn't take much of them to really add a lot of flavor to enchiladas.