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Mar 31, 2009 01:17 PM

How does the Modern Bar room campare to the modern Dining Room

What is the difference in terms of the cost, ambiance, food and service

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  1. Search is your friend

    Bar Room - bar + lounge + tables, gorgeous bar, impressive mural on the wall, loud, bustling, sleek, hip, small plates, pricey.
    Dining Room - view of the sculpture garden, prix fixe or tasting, lots of white, more typical upscale dining, even more expensive, and they try to kill you with kindness of petit fours and palate cleansers and chocolate bon bons.

    You can easily check prices on their web site.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Well summarized! I had a fantastic meal in the Bar Room (which I prefer) last week. Two of us split four small plates and loved it all (a salad, the scallops, the tuna and the squid). Both restaurants are just wonderful, so I'd see which menu appealed to me more; you won't go wrong with either!

    2. I'm not sure the overall cost is really so different for me when I eat in the Bar Room v. Dining Room, given the number of small plates I end up ordering in the Bar Room. The primary difference is in the vibe, as Kathryn eloquently noted, the style of the food (Bar Room tapas v. Dining Room multi course meal) and I think in the superior quality of the food in the Dining Room.

      The small plates offerings in the Bar Room sound more interesting on paper, but for some reason the actual execution has always seemed to me less skilled and less delicious. I think this may be because of the variety of small plates on offer: more of it has to be made ahead and reheated. Service is also far better in the Dining Room.

      I really love the Modern Dining Room. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the city, factoring in the whole package (food, service, vibe, price). I just like the Bar Room.