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easter weekend in kelowna

I'm going to be in kelowna April 9-11 and not sure where to eat - i've received recommendations for Rotten Grape - any suggestions out there or comments on Rotten Grape? I'll also be in Osoyoos the night of April 11th, I've had excellent meals at Passetempo in our hotel but they aren't open until summer....

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  1. We've had some great meals at Quail's Gate Winery's Old Vines restaurant ...casual fare, very well executed and reasonable....and we've been there in the off season so they should be open. HTH :)

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      thank's- I'll check that out, I'm pretty sure they are open. I also noticed Hillside Estate is doing an Easter brunch

    2. Hello pants, good to see you will be visiting! (I used to partcipate actively on Calgary threads before I moved back to Kelowna.

      Rotten Grape is a decent spot, mostly small plates and nibblies, all presented well.
      There's a great little take-out Burger joint next to it called Gorgeous George's. Perhaps a glass of local vino and a tapas plate followed by a Gorgeous Burger with Beer & Mustard Cheddar and Peameal Bacon!

      A Must-try is Waterfont Restaurant! I have recommended it to everyone who has started a Kelowna thread for years. Will you be travelling with kids? If so, keep in mind that Waterfront is fully licenced and therefore no minors permitted, however they do have a new sister restaurant as well called SevenSixFour.

      Waterfront made EnRoute's best new restaurants list in 2005. SevenSixFour made the list in 2008. I would describe the food as upscale comfort food made from local-seasonal ingredients and a global influence. They are arguably 2 of Kelowna's best places to eat at this moment in time!

      There is also a great breakfast/brunch place called The Bohemian that is a local favourite! It is downtown on Bernard.

      If you are into Japanese, there is Genjie (tradtional sushi/udon/teriyaki) on Spall Rd. There's also a new izakaya-style place downtown on Pandosy Street called WASABI. It's great and prices are reasonable.

      Can't help you much with Osoyoos... Passatempo and Toasted Oak are both closed for the season. There's always Ella's for reliable Greek fare, or Diamond Steak and Seafood. Another option is Best of India, a short drive away in Oliver

      I see that you are a coffee-lover as well. In downtown Kelowna the place to go is Bean Scene Coffee House. The original, larger, more rustic location is on Bernard across from Rotten Grape / Gorgeous George's, and there is a new one on Ellis Street in the Cultural District.

      Oh, and across the lake in West Kelowna (formerly known as Westbank) Caffe Artigiano has opened up shop!


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        thanks for all the suggestions!! I'm happy to hear about Artigiano! I'll definitely check out Bean Scene as well.

        unfortunately we can't go to waterfront - we are going for a friend's surprise 40th birthday party and that is where her husband is taking her for dinner before the party :)

        i do have reservations for thursday night at quail's gate, i think we'll check out 764 or rotten grape on friday and probably another winery on our way to osoyoos!!

        I just finished my first level of the WSET courses so I'm ready for lots of wine tastings!!

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          What night is the party? Go to Rotten Grape the night of the party and then go to Waterfront whatever night you had planned to go to Rotten Grape!

      2. Here is a second for Waterfront, which has never failed to disappoint on past visits, and it is great to hear about 764 (we have not been in Kelowna for a few months, but will be returning soon). One of the things that you can even do is a "menu crawl", since Waterfront, Bouchon's, the Grand Bay Cafe and Hannah's are all within a 5-minute walk of each other, and check the specials that are on the board at each before making a decision. We also had some outstanding experiences last year at Summer Hill's "Sunset Bistro", with Jesse Croy creating an almost entirely-organic menu, with much of the produce grown on-site. Perhaps on the 11th you can even consider the "Sonora Room" at Burrowing Owl, which has already opened for the season.

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          I recently enjoyed a meal at Bouchon's: bistro fare , good wine list, nice room with a server with a french accent.

          Had decent pizza at " Bordello's" on Water street. Margarita pizzas (Margherita) are my benchmark.

          There is also a "Memphis Blue", which is recommended elsewhere in this board, on the main downtown street . I did not try it because it was deserted at dinner time and it did not look like they had enough turnover, something i look for in a restaurant ( it was winter , mind you)

        2. Has anyone been to Yellow House?

          The Monday night specials look tempting.

          What about Mamma Rosa?

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            At Yellow House, If you stick with the items $20 and under (Starters, Pasta/Rice/Risotto) it's pretty solid fare, and a quaint cozy setting. Decent enough wine list (though nowhere nearly as good as Rotten Grape, 764, or Waterfront). The pricier protein-based mains always seem.... uninspired I guess.

            Mamma Rosa's has always been reliable for good old-school Italian fare, though I prefer LA Bussola and Riccardo's (a tad pricier, but worth it)

          2. Pants,
            I have family in Kelowna that we visit ever so often, after a long while we decided that we have to start venturing off the beaten path and start enjoying local cuisine, and we are not real big foodies, nonetheless on our last trip we enjoyed the sunday brunch @ the eldorado hotel, it was not phenomenal but it was far from being mediocre, and it was great cause in good weather you can sit out doors with wonderful lake views.
            For Italian we love LaBussola, the second you walk in your mouth starts to water because the aroma of an authentic Italian meal lingers in the air, it was wonderful, all meals came with an appetizer of meat spaghetti.
            My fav for our last visit was Sal's Prime Steak house, really trendy and great food and drinks, the whole evening was pleasing in all senses.
            Both LaBussola and Sal's are in kelowna's downtown, so it would be great to head for a walk before or after.
            In dt kelowna for a causal icecream try Moolix's a family owned and operated joint.
            If you do head to Rotten Grape (which I felt was just average) try the apple pie martini - if you love apple pie & if you love Martini's you will love love love this drink.

            1. My vote for you is Bouchon’s Bistro (1180 Sunset Drive). This is French country food at its finest. Chef Dominique Couton was born in France and it shows. I have eaten here 4-5 times in the last 2 years and each time it has been excellent. Consistency and value are fantastic. Their cassoulet is heavenly...the menu and daily features make it very difficult to choose what to enjoy. I find no fault with them other than I wish they were in Calgary. You’ll also find an approachable wine list with the Cedar Creek “M” by the glass. Visiting Kelowna without eating here just feels wrong.

              Quail's Gate is also nice value, really nice food and be sure to try the Family Reserve Chardonnay...gorgeous wine for the price! Purpletongues dot com for more wine info! LOL

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                ureview! you've been quiet lately. any wine tastings in the near future?

                so we only have 2 nights in kelowna - first night is quail's gate, second night is rotten grape...we'll figure out lunch along the way and something in penticton or oliver or summerland...on saturday night.

                we decided on rotten grape because it is very close to the party and a bit more casual.

                i'll report back next week!!

                yay! wine country!!!

              2. I've returned from wine country very well fed and two cases of wine richer!!!

                we ate thursday night at Quail's Gate Old Vines restaurant - what a great value!! they offer your choice of 3 courses off the regular menu for $39 (a couple items you have to pay and extra $5) and wine pairings for $10 more - the way it's worded on the menu though, they make it sound like a tasting menu so we expected smaller portions....well, that is not the case!
                the SO started with the mussles - giant mussles! and a lot of them, I started with the puree of local squash again full portion and delicious. We both had the lamb sirloin for a main, full portion and delicious, each plate cooked exactly how it was ordered and then came desert, SO had the sorbets and I ordered the profiteroles (more menus should offer profiteroles) - it was 3 giant profiteroles!!! I can't believe i ate all that food!!! anyhow, $125 including tax for both of us, with the wine pairings and a glass of bubbles to start. Great service as well - that was very reasonable for the quality of food, service and of course the view!!

                next day we were touring around some wineries and stopped for lunch at summerhill - again great view - large portions again and reasonable prices as well as a generous glass of wine, it was nice enough to sit on the patio - I wish i could do that everyday!

                friday night we went to rotten grape in kelowna - we didn't eat too much there since we were all still full from summerhill but we did get the cheese platter and the meat platter - beautiful cheese, a couple from local makers (i highly recommend poplar grove winery both for their wine and their cheese - the blue cheese is amazing) - the meats were good as well, house made sausage and some other cured choices. nice place, huge wine list and again reasonable prices (i guess i'm used to vancouver and calgary prices).

                saturday we worked our way down to osoyoos where we spent our last night - when we arrived at our hotel i was please to find out the restaurant Passetempo, was open! i had read on the website they weren't open until June. Of course, we ate there after such great meals last time we stayed there! again, friendly service, good wines and great food and better prices - low to mid $20's for entrees.

                all in all a great weekend!

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                  Wonderful report, Pants! I'm looking forward to our trip to Kelowna. :) Already got a reservation to Quail's Gate Old Vines restaurant for lunch.