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Mar 31, 2009 12:47 PM

Eating and Drinking around cote du rhone

My husband and I are dropping our daughter off at her grandparents in Lyon and doing two romantic days away in the Rhone Valley we want to taste some good wine, eat some good food, and sleep in a nice place. Suggestions are appreciated. This is a middle of the week trip. I was thinking of sleeping at Le Pyramide in Vienne and then doing lunch there the next day for example. But other plans are greatly appreciated. We want something nice but not crazy expensive (ie meals under 200 euros). We prefer fancy meals for lunch as they are better value and leave room for digestion. Also does anyone know about visiting valrhona in tain l'hermitage?

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  1. From your questions, it appears you are really talking about time and recommendations for the Northern Rhone rather than the Southern Rhone? I have a house in Sablet in the Southern Rhone and can give you some suggestions in that area but don't know the Northern Rhone. If I am wrong in my assumption and you are going to get down south, please let me know.

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      I think we want to stick to the North but any nice suggestions in the South may make us change our plans.

    2. Stayed near Valence and ate at Pic, was wonderful

      1. If you're interested in a bit of France as it used to be, consider the one star Hotel du Midi/Baraterro in Lamastre. This restaurant was made famous by several articles written by Elizabeth David in the 50's and 60's. Many of the same dishes are still on the menu, and the chef is the son of the one who cooked for Ms. David. It's about an hour off the Rhone, east of Vienne: a spectacular drive up a river gorge. (This is based on a visit 4-5 years ago).