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Spilled a glass of red wine on beige carpet!

Tried vinegar, Woolite, a product called Wine Away...so far nothing worked. Do you have any tips? Are there any products? Help!!!!

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  1. Gosh, that sounds like a job for Billy Mays... and OxiClean.

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      You got that right. Let it soak about half an hour then steam clean.

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        It's not Billy Mays, It's BILLY MAYS!!!

      2. I've heard that white wine will get red wine out. But I think that is only if it is freshly spilled. Try it and if it doesn't work, drink the wine to make yourself feel better

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          My wife was able to get a red wine stain out that had set using white wine and someother sort of witchcraft she found on the internet. I asked her, but she doesn't remember what it was. Red wine and grape juice has been banned in our living room. I'd do a little research on line if it were me.

        2. Try this:

          Note it says if it's already set or this doesn't work to try Oxy Clean.

          1. It's way too late for this one, but the simplest solution: pour a ton of salt on the stain. Cover it completely, and about an inch thick. You have to do this basically right after it happened. But then the salt will work its magic and suck the wine right out of the carpet -- et voilá: no stain.

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              I can vouch for the salt trick working. I wonder if you poured water on the stain now to re-wet it and then poured the salt on if it would work now.

            2. uh-oh, time to rearrange the furniture : )

              1. My neighbor swears by regular hydrogen peroxide. I've never tried it myself but she says it even picked up a black magic marker "drawing" her son had created on the carpet. User beware. Good luck with the stain!

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                  Peroxide can bleach, so it's advisable to test first and only use on light fabrication.

                2. Did not see this product listed, but Wine Awau is very good for this. I buy mine from www.wineenthusiast.com, and it works. We have white carpet in the dining room, and it has saved family relations on two occasions.

                  Now, sparkling water does help, and so does a heated carpet cleaner. Still Wine Away has a place in our home.


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                    fauchon said wine away didn't work. but i think fauchon should try the wine away another time -- or two).

                    oxyclean may bleach out your carpet. do a test on an inconspicuous corner of the carpet that is under or behind furniture. in fact, do a test for any technique.

                    here is a suggestion for using dawn + peroxide. http://www.stratsplace.com/patty_wine...

                    resolve carpet cleaner is very good.

                    frankly, i'd call a specialist carpet cleaner.

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                      I would give a big second to this for the OP. WineAway is the only thing I ever found that worked really well on red wine stains on just about any fiber. It IS best used when the stain is new, but I would try a very liberal dousing of the area several times before giving up. Per the WineAway site, if something else you try causes the stain to set, you could be in trouble.

                      You really have to spray some WineAway on a hard surface to see what it really does. It's made from fruit and vegetable extracts and begins to bubble soon after contact. My guess would be natural citric acid.

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                        Sorry, I missed that. To date, it's worked perfectly on white carpet a white suit and on white napkins. I keep a large sprayer in the dining room (with the white carpet), and also in the laundry room, plus the master bath (prior to sending wine-stains to the cleaners).

                        I guess that I have just been lucky.


                        [Edit] I've also had really good luck with Spot-shot for other similar stains. As Costco sells the large cannisters in 3-packs, I usually pick one up about once per quarter. I had a professional carpet stain remover work on some nail polish that the previous owner's children left on the lower family-room carpet. He got most out, but then I hit it with Spot-shot and cannot find the stain anymore. Obviously, his various chemicals and techniques started the process, but Spot-shot finished it up.

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                          Bill, the wines you serve- none of us would be so careless as to spill a drop.

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                            Spot Shot is the best all-around carpet stain remover I've used. The spray bottles aren't anywhere near as effective as the cans.

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                              I use Wine Away as well. We had a guest topple over a wine glass in the living room, and it spewed all over the cream rug, the red sofa, etc. It took three bottles of the stuff, but it got it out. Now, if only I could get out the red wine spatter that I spewed all over a corner on the cream walls, after taking a sip of wine and then coughing.

                        2. We had a white couch. My husband spilled an entire glass of red wine on it. It was ALL OVER it. We used Oxiclean. You put Oxiclean and warm water into a squirt bottle, go over the stains. It was remarkable how the stain disappeared. We could've been an Oxiclean commercial after that experience! Good Luck!!

                          1. Most modern carpet fibers are non-absorbent so there is hope. With any of the aforementioned remedies that will re-moisten the area, rub vigorously with a dry white towel to absorb the wine while it is back in a liquid suspension. And then rub some more. You should get some encouraging color in the towel.
                            Here in Florida, the land of light carpets and tile floors, we have learned to serve red wine only in tiled areas.

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                              The WineAway site is very careful to to BLOT not RUB. This is to avoid fiber fraying, so it would depend on the composition.

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                                Spot-shot is also very clear on blotting, and not rubbing.


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                                Yeah, who ever thought of white carpet in my dining room must have not been a red wine drinker. Still, it looks perfect (Wine Away) after two catastrophic spills, plus a hundred decanting sessions on the sidebar. The spills were not mine, but the decanting dribbles were.

                                Should I build a house, I'd put in an epoxy sub-floor, and have an industrial grate to place the table on. There would be a large drain and a high-pressure flushing system in place...

                                Luckily, no Port stains yet.


                              3. Seltzer or club soda - soak it and blot with elbow grease. Reapply - might take a bottle or more.

                                1. I have happily spent the 8.99 on a big bottle of Biokleen BacOut many, many times. I've poured it on top of red wine in beige carpet several times-- the stain fades to purple, then gray, then gone. It's an enzyme cleaner. It's a wonderful thing to keep around the house.

                                  I don't own stock in the company. I'm just a klutz. http://biokleenhome.com/products/hous...

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                                    Thanks. That is a new one for me. A wino can never have too many red wine cleaning products in the home.


                                  2. Milk is great at removing red wine stains. 15 years ago my friend spilled an entire glass of red wine on a white, linen blouse. Her mom told her to soak it in milk, which she did. It removed the stain and left not a trace of wine.

                                    Gotta love those old, natural remedies.

                                    1. Spot Shot is the best - to be fair, I have never tried the other products mentioned above. We have spilled our fair share of wine (on the carpet, couch, dog, clothes, etc) and and using it have NEVER had a permenant stain. Good luck.

                                      1. I totally recommend WINE AWAY to remove red wine stains. It's by far the best I've ever used...and trust me I've tried many. It's worked on old and new stains on my clothing and carpet. I always give it to firends during the holidays - great hostess gift too. With any stain remover if you try a bunch of things first nothing is going to work. Been there done that too! I buy mine in a couple places: Cost Plus World Market and SurLaTable. I did find it at Albertsons and Safeway too. And what else is great about this company is their customer service - if you call, someone actually answers the phone - pretty rare these days.

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                                          Wine Away did not work for the OP, if you check his original post.

                                          And, this is 4 year old thread, Maxberg.

                                          I apologize for correcting you, since this is your first post on Chowhound. Welcome.

                                        2. Old thread, I know, but wine happens.
                                          This has worked for me on every stain imaginable and I have 2 dogs who can whork up some interesting colors. Carpet is off white and very dense.

                                          2 cups of almost boiling water
                                          Add about 1/4 TEAspoon OxyClean, stir (too much will "bleach out" carpet)
                                          Pour into a narrow nozzeled squirt bottle
                                          Saturate stain (the small nozzle helps to not over saturate)
                                          Using a heavy duty shop vac with crevice tool, suck it up.
                                          Repeat if necessary. Works fabulously and the carpet it dry in no time