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Craving Cupcakes in Monmouth County


I've been hearing about Crumb's opening in Westfield, and wonder if there are any Monmouth County locations for these sweet treats.

If you have had a gem of a cupcake lately, where was it from?

Thank you!

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  1. I had the most fabulous cupcake a few weeks ago from The Flakey Tart in Atlantic Highlands. It was chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream. Perfect icing to cake ratio. Very moist cake and the icing was just sweet enough. I don't know if they make them all the time, but if I were you, I'd go early in the morning before they are gone.

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    1. re: dani0622

      ditto on the Flaky Tart
      Cupcakes are delicious, refined, and fun.

    2. Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe on Main Ave. has some outrageous cupcakes (red velvet, carrot, pb&j)... The Baker Boys (a block away) is also vg but with a more limited cupcake menu... we also had a surprisingly good cupcake (chocolate caramel) from Whole Foods (Princeton store), but there's one in Middletown on Rt. 35


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        Do you happen to know when The Baker Boys is open or will open?
        Their website says open daily except Monday but over the winter I tried many times to taste a cupcake and they were closed.
        Do they close off season? Just curious
        They certainly receive a lot of press.

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          no, not long ago we were heading over to Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe and I thought Baker Boys was open... will have to take a look

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            The Baker Boys has some nice treats but cupcakes is not their strong point. The store on Main is open year round but the store on the boardwalk is presently closed.

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              Yes, I agree, not their strong point. Last summer, we bought a very expensive box of cupcakes from baker boys on the boardwalk in asbury park. The cupcakes were very, very dry. They tasted ok, but were so, so dry, just awful. I promised myself that I would never go there again.

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            Tried a regular cupcake with pink icing from the Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe - It was good. She did not have any pb&j - will have to stop again. Thanks.

            This was their first day open for the 2009 Summer Season.
            The Baker Boys were out of regular cupcakes when I stopped in, they were baking more, will have to stop again...nice guys.

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              I agree on the ocean grove bake shoppe, and would add in that cupcake place in the Asbury Park convention center.

            2. Stickles market in Little Silver (Monmouth County) carries some of the flavors from the Petite Cafe in Nutley NJ - Home of the Stuffed Cupcake. They are wonderful.


              1. I had the best cupcake today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                It was from the Petite Cafe in Nutley NJ.

                They named this cupcake THE BOSS for Bruce Springsteen
                Blueberry cupcake - stuffed with Acai Cream - Vanilla Icing - AMAZING!

                All of their cupcakes Rock!

                If you live in Central NJ you can pick this up from Sickles Market Little Silver NJ!

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                  Do all of Sickle's bakery items come from Petite Cafe? I like their cupcakes too.

                2. Found a very good cupcake over the weekend in Monmouth County!

                  Francesca's Cakery
                  28 Main Street
                  Englishtown NJ

                  She is open only Friday Saturday and Sunday - limited hours
                  She has about a dozen different flavors, they are extra big! 2.25
                  Tried a traditional cupcake - Very Good

                  The coolest cupcake was her Tie Dye Cupcake!! This was BEAUTIFUL ART and tasted very good too!


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                  1. re: shabbystorm

                    Hi shabbystorm,

                    Francesca's Cakery caught my eye. When is she open on Friday, Sat and Sun? Is it by appointment only?

                    I didn't see any hours listed on her website.

                    1. re: wench31

                      Think she was going to be closed for the holiday weekend.

                      Did not post her hours because I could not remember...
                      think the sign said 12-5 Fri - Sat - Sun.
                      She does a lot of wedding and birthday cakes, my guess, is that is by appt only, the cupcakes were there ready for eating during those limited hours.
                      You can park right in front of the shop and run in but I opted for parking around the corner in the lot..

                      1. re: shabbystorm

                        Francesca's Cakery will be closed for cupcakes the entire Summer of 2009 starting next week....

                        Over the weekend we tried the Zebra cupcake, marble cake with chocolate icing - Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake topped with peanut butter cups - Red Velvet with vanilla icing - Coconut Cupcake with vanilla icing - all very good!

                        Back to Mendokers.

                  2. I am always looking for a great cupcake & I finally found it. Flakey Tart in Atlantic Highlands has the best. I go in there at least 3 times a week for them. I usaully do not prefer chocolate cupcakes but theres are so moist and yummy!!!

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                      I had my first Flaky Tart cupcake last week, traditional cake with vanilla icing, it was good.
                      Love so many other things from the Flaky Tart, putting the chocolate cupcake on the list.

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                        just remember to get to Flakey Tart early before they are gone!!

                    2. Hit up Ocean Grove Bake Shop for the second time this year. Brought home the vanilla, chocolate, and red vanilla. these are great cupcakes, far better than Baker Boys. Nicely flavored, moist cake. Fresh buttercream icing.

                      Still my top votes go to Sugar and Sunshine and The Flakey Tart.

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                      1. re: dani0622

                        A big blueberry muffin top from The Flakey Tart is sitting patiently on my kitchen counter....waiting to be enjoyed with some fresh Brazilian coffee in about an hour. Dinner.

                        1. re: HillJ

                          mmmm flakey tart....

                          do you read serious eats: new york? i did a little blurb last week on flakey tart

                              1. re: dani0622

                                Excellent. Did you email the link to Marie and the gang?
                                Nice job, dani!

                        2. I agree with the others about Flaky Tart. It is awesome. I also discovered Ye Old Pie Shoppe in Little Silver. I've only had their cupcakes and they were quite good and the folks in there are very helpful and friendly.
                          Ye Old Pie Shoppe
                          74 Oceanport Ave
                          Little Silver, NJ 07739-1218
                          (732) 530-3337

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                          1. re: luckysparkplug

                            Stopped in here for cupcakes.
                            We tried a traditional cupcake with chocolate icing and a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing topped with chocolate. They were OK. The traditional cupcake was dry, and the peanut butter icing on the chocolate cupcake was off. However the chocolate cake was good so we salvaged the purchase by taking the chocolate icing and placed it on top of the chocolate cake - that was a good solution.
                            Very nice people and a they did have a beautiful case of Sugar Paste creations!

                            1. re: luckysparkplug

                              I've had several of Pie Shoppe's cupcakes but they were sitting for a while. Stale. You have to ask if they are baked that day.
                              I do like their bars and squares. And their cookies are good. Especially the cheese stars. The prices are lower in the winter.

                            2. I'd have to repeat praise for the bake shoppe in ocean grove. Also, though, very unexpected surprise, the cupcake shop in the convention center at asbury park, can't remember the name of the place but it's the first place from the boardwalk side, on the right...fantastic variety, freshness and taste! great coffee too!

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                              1. re: Shelley Hooper

                                It's Baker Boys in Covention Hall. I will admit to giving it another go after trying them in Ocean Grove. I was pleasantly surprised and now think Baker Boys and Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe are equal.

                                1. re: dani0622

                                  I find Baker Boys to be hit or miss. A few times I have had really dry cupcakes from them. There seems to be more consistency with the Bake Shoppe

                                  1. re: ejdb

                                    Unfortunately, I have to agree with Baker Boys. Had a chocolate cupcake this weekend and the cake was dried out. And the icing was just too sweet for me that day. And trust me, I love sweet. I actually ended up only eating half. And for me, when it comes to cupcakes, that's shocking :)

                                    1. re: dani0622

                                      I went to Baker Boys yesterday and had a very mixed experience.
                                      German Chocolate Cupcake- to die for! Unfortunately that's the one the husband picked out for himself.
                                      I had the Red Velvet with Marscapone Icing. The icing was hard, the cake was hard, and the icing was WAY too sweet.

                                      1. re: alliekat79

                                        Sadly I have to agree with the hit or miss on baker boys myself...they seem to be holding on to stuff too long sometimes, which is probably due to what I perceive to be a rapid turnover on help...sometimes the crew is awesome and sometimes i'm thinking where did they find these bozos, and the product consistency reflects this. But when they're on, they're really on. I've also become hooked on their macaroons and these melty caramels cover in chocolate with salt crystals.

                              2. Throwing another coal into the fire: Had a really, really delicious cupcake at the Red Bank Farmer's market this weekend. The company was Trendy Sweets (www.trendysweets.blogspot.com). The owner/baker said they don't have a store front, yet, but are looking. Right now you can order them or get them at the Farmer's Market.

                                I had the leftovers of my kids' chocolate cupcake with strawberry icing. It wasn't overly sweet and the cake part was moist. My husband and I enjoyed the little bite we had so much that we went back and got one more of the same and then a Chocolate Banana one. But, woe is me, we somehow misplaced the box (I still say he put them on the roof of the car and forgot about them as we were loading it up and drove off) and were not able to enjoy them.

                                At 2 for $5 they certainly were worth it. If you are in the area on Sundays you should give them a try.

                                1. I can't recommend one cupcake baker over another but I do believe that the shelf life of a moist cupcake with stellar icing has a very short window.

                                  Incredibly difficult to keep at optimal. Cupcakes should be baked, frosted & eaten in the same day. Hit the bakers shelf outside the "window" and you'd bound to settle for something less than ideal.

                                  Better yet, bake your own.

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                                  1. re: HillJ

                                    Absolutely agree, but a good bake shop should know and keep on top of all those issues that can result in a less than stellar cupcake.

                                    1. re: HillJ

                                      Absolutely HillJ! I think after one day they lose that freshness.

                                      I can say without doubt, that the Flakey Tart's cupcakes only have a one day shelf life since they sell out that day and she only makes small batches. And they are still my top cupcake.