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Mar 31, 2009 12:25 PM

Sushi Komasa - Good and Cheap spot in Lil Tokyo!

Recently made my first visit to Komasa in Little Tokyo. I've been missing out! This place has good quality fish and is cheap! Now a quick sushi meal doesn't have to cost me at least $50! The only drawback: Parking ...

The place is small and has a traditional japanese look. When we were there the place was packed with Japanese blue collar workers- good sign. Since there were 6 of us we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table, but we walked around and they called us when they were ready.

The salmon sashimi plate was $13 for 8 generous slices.The quality was not at all bad, they're very much comparable to the typical good sushi joints, but it's much nicer to the wallet.

The yellowtail that we also got was even better though, also at $13
These slices of hamachi were quite fresh and quite fatty! They made me happy :)

Sushi prices ranged around $4.80 per order. I had ordered halibut and anago.
The halibut was okay - decent. The anago was quite good though!

The best deal of all at this place might be the chirashi though. For $13 you get this big box of fishy-goodness!
I see salmon, hamachi, tuna, squid, ebi, and uni! Here's that quick, inexpensive, sushi meal, all in a box!
Sushi Komasa, I'll be back!


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  1. Yeah, I've alwasy enjoyed this place and have recommended it many times.

    The wait can be hellacious, but nothing worse then Sushi Gen down the street.

    1. i like this place as well and considere it an excellent value though when i posted that on here i got a few comments to the contrary.

      1. Thanks for the tip. If you enjoy Chirashi the Chisashi Set at Sushi Go 55 is very good in my opinion. I think its around $18 and compared to your photo there is much more fish. It comes in a double layerd bowl with other items in the set like soup and salad IIRC. In any event thanks for your write up..

        Sushi Go 55
        333 S Alameda St Ste 317, Los Angeles, CA 90013

        1. Been here once, and sorry was not too impressed. I haven't been to a lot of sushi places in Little Tokyo, but the ones I went were not as good as the places on the westside or Studio City. Little Tokyo is being increasingly bought out by Koreans.......soon you will have to call the place "Little Seoul".

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          1. re: martiniman

            martiniman: I've also been to a lot of places on the westside but none seems to be "a deal"
            Do you have one that you think is very well priced? I'm on the westside a lot so I'd like to find a cheap/good one there :)

            1. re: burumun

              Even though it's not in West LA, I prefer Katsu-ya. It's like $13 for sushi dinner and you get uni. My Japanese friends and I always go there to get our sushi fix. Even though Komasa is cheap, I just didn't really enjoy it when I was there (nor did my friends). As for West LA, true, the places there are not as cheap but better. Have you tried Katsu sushi in Beverly Hills? Sushi dinner is like $20. If you liked Tama sushi, then you should like that place since it was the same owner.

              1. re: martiniman

                martiniman: which Katsu-ya do you like to go to? I've been to the one in Encino - didn't see the sushi dinner but ordered a la carte, I don't think it's that cheap?

                Have not been to Katsu sushi, I'll give it a try! What does the sushi dinner entail?

                1. re: burumun

                  I always go to Katsu-ya on Ventura blvd, never been to Encino. I imagine that the menu would be the same. If you look somewhere on the menu, there is a deluxe nigiri sushi dinner that comes with a variety of sushi+CA Roll, miso soup, and salad......$13. That's hard to beat. And it's actually quite good for the friends from Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Kyushu were amazed at how cheap and good it was.

                  I haven't been to Katsu either, but I've been to Tama Sushi a lot. Katsu is basically the same thing relocated to Beverly Hills. The owner is Nozawa's friend (unlike Nozawa, he's pretty friendly) and goes to the fish market himself every morning. I plan on checking it out soon.

            2. re: martiniman

              You're not going to find the finest grade of sushi at Komasa, nor inventive renditions of sushi, but at their price point, Komasa is a very fine restaurant.

              It's sort of like going to your local corner pizza joint and saying that their pies just aren't as good as those at Pizzeria Mozza.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I like the vibe at Komasa. It feels very much like a family-owned business. We ordered a lot of little appetizers, very traditional ones, as well as sushi; the server (older woman with obviously dyed black hair; she looked like the Mom) complemented us on our choices ("you eat like Japanese!" which we aren't). If we want top-quality sushi in Little Tokyo we go (early) to Sushi Gen. If we want to feel like we're in Japan, we go to Komasa. I agree with ipsedixit's comparison.