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Mar 31, 2009 12:15 PM

recs for THAI,Asian Fusion, or Mediterranean below 14th please

Hello Manhattan chowhounders,
I'm looking for either a Thai, Asian Fusion or Mediterranean restaurant in NYC below 14th street for a 10 person dinner. Here is what we're looking for and hopefully, with your expert advice, we'll be able to find a great place!

Must haves:
Thai, Asian Fusion, or Mediterranean cuisine
less than $20 per entree
Noice level low enough so we'll be able to speak to each other without screaming (lots of catching up to do with old friends)
Not packed in like sardines where tables are on top of each other

Strongly preferred:
Below 14th street
BYO - helps us save some loot as many of us are trying to these days

I apologive if this is a very picky request... I hope I can get some ideas though. Thanks everyone in advance!!!

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  1. You should look into Zabb City. It's thai that has Isaan-style leanings and it's awesome. It's a small place, so you should call and reserve a table for your group. It's not BYOB, but they have a small selection of reasonably priced beer and wine. The mango catfish and the panang duck are my faves, but they also do more "pedestrian" dishes very well like great pad thai and I also love their veg duck. Highly recommend Zabb City.

    1. Maybe Klong on St. Marks? It's not going to win any accolades for best food ever, but it's pretty decent Thai food and might be what you're looking for: cheap, takes reservations for large parties, not cramped. I don't think it's BYO, but drinks are cheap. I went to this place called O.G., I think, in Alphabet City. It was Asian Fusion and really cheap, as well. I remember thinking it was pretty good for the price, but only went once like 3 yrs back. Kuma Inn is BYOB, but I don't know if they can accommodate's not that big.

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      1. re: kim e

        Klong is on the louder side, though, and I've found the food to be way too sweet.

        O.G. is now closed.

        I've seen Kuma Inn with larger parties -- they just put a bunch of the 2-tops together.

        1. re: kathryn

          Klong serves the worst Thai food i've ever had in Manhattan...while it's okay for a drink at the bar, i wouldn't eat there if you paid me...

      2. We had a good (significantly spicier than usual) meal at Rhong Tieam on Laguardia Pl. ( It's not dirt cheap and it's not as good as what you get in Queens, but they have somewhat more interesting dishes than the average around here. They also had Kao Soy noodles when we were there, which is a favorite, although I don't see them on the menu. Sadly, they're not BYOB.

        1. What day are you planning on because some offer deals on specific days.

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          1. re: DarthEater

            It's for a Saturday evening and I have some time to make reservations too.

          2. How about Sri Lankan cuisine? Its BYOB.


            Its a narrow space but you can try asking. They might be able to adjust some tables for you.