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Mar 31, 2009 12:13 PM

Where to take two 20 somethings to dinner in NW DC?

We'll be in DC Staying in Dupont Circle). Our goddaughter lives in NW and we want to take her and her rommate out for a special dinner. She is a vegetarian(thankfully not vegan so the options are greater). Any suggestions for these SF Hounds would be much appreciated.

Also: we're looking for some good food ourselves. Any place reachable by the Metro is fine with us.

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  1. Dino or Palena in Cleaveland Park would be good options. The gnocchi at Palena is great and they normally have other veg-friendly options. Dino is italian and has veg-friendly too.

    Depending on how much money and what type of food you want to eat you might try Central for bistro fare, Rasika for amazing upscale modern Indian food (this might be my favorite DC spot) or if you are coming far away from now you might be able to get a reservation at Komi. which is rated by many as the top DC restaurant.

    Another top spot is Blue Duck which is near Dupont and has great roast meats and their grits are not to be missed if you go.

    (I am trying to think of things that you wouldn't have much better than us in SF, but that is hard)

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      I 2nd Dino for a Vegetarian and also hear good thinks about Rasika. Closer to Dupont I like Heritage for Indian as well.

      If you like tapas you can try Jaleo, they should have some veggie-friendly items.

      Proof might also be a good opion. Their gnocchi dish is really good. They also have some flat breads, cheese platters etc. (Check out the menu first to make sure there is enough for your god daughter to try though).

      In terms of other restaurants for yourselves---there are 100s of restaurants reachable by metro. It would be better if you could give a description of what you are looking for--price range, type of food, vibe etc.

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        Second on Komi--as fellow SF locals who are used to good food in SF, this place blew our minds.

        You could do a lot worse than lunch at Blue Duck, especially for the carnivores.

        Oh, but your special guest is a vegetarian? Well, there is good veg fare at both, but the meat-eaters will be happiest at either.

      2. As a 20-something's my input
        Rasika and Dino would be my top two choices. I do not personally find Palena to be that great for vegetarians (aside from the fry plate and dessert...mmm).

        If you're open to it, I'd also suggest the sunday latin dim sum at Cafe Atlantico - the vegetarian one is great and it's very reasonable. The menu for other meals also looks veggie friendly, but I have not been beyond brunch.

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          The Latin Dim Sum brunch at Cafe Atlantico is awesome. I like Cafe Atlantico for dinner as well, and would have suggested it, but I wasn't sure how many vegetarians dishes there are---I almost always get fish there.