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Mar 31, 2009 12:10 PM

Last-Minute Cocktail Party Food Needed!!!

I'm in a last-minute bind for food for a cocktail party for 30 people tomorrow night. The person who was taking care of this, bailed at the last-second, so now I've stepped up.

It's a very casual get-together with folks who don't care too much about the food, as long as they're something. Just looking for simple - and relatively cheap - options, whether it's decent sandwich platters, large containers of chinese takeout, etc., - or even completely out-of-the-box suggestions. I'm right downtown, so location is important.

Please, please help!


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  1. I just ordered two 95-piece sushi party trays from tnt on Cherry St. at $52 per tray for friday night. I'm hoping the quality is reasonable for the pricepoint! I plan to serve some edamame and other japanese snacks. Tnt said they need two days for large orders but I bet they could accommodate you on a Wednesday. Plus, its right dt.

    There was recently another post on cheap takeout for 20 people...

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      If all else fails, there's always M&M meatshops, there's one on Blue Jays Way and one up near Yonge & St Clair -