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Mar 31, 2009 11:39 AM

First Visit to Chipotle's

I have always been curious about this place, so when we found ourselves a couple doors down from there I drug my husband in, and I say drug him in because he hates to try new places. I wasn't expecting the set-up, so it threw me a bit. I decided to get the soft flour tacos, so he could have one and I could have the other two. I got him the fajita taco, plain. I got a carnita taco with sour cream and cheese, and a barbacoa taco with just cheese. I wanted guacamole and he said it was extra, so I chose to have it on the side instead of on the taco. Then we got 2 drinks and a bag of chips. Total cost was $13.10. Seems like a lot to me.

The meat on all 3 tacos was lukewarm. Fajita meat was cubed and tasted like frozen tyson meat. The carnita taco was so watery, but then again the sour cream was very soupy. I'm not sure if it was the sour cream, or the meat, because the pork looked like it was sitting in a pile of juice. The barbacoa, while lukewarm, was really good. I was surprised at the flavor of it. I added a dollop or two of the guacamole to it and it was delicious. I liked the guacamole, but at $1.75 the portion size wasn't really worth it. The chips were pretty thick and a tad stale.

I'll have to go back, by myself (he will NEVER go back), and get a different choice, maybe a burrito or bowl, with that barbacoa meat, because I can't stop thinking of it, but other than that I wasn't very impressed. Just my opinion!

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  1. I'm no Chipotle spokesperson (food is okay but very-MOR). However, the one thing I can never complain about is the quality of their ingredients. In the locations I've visited they are very meticulous about serving fresh. I've had experiences where I was there before closing and they replaced what looked like a perfectly good container of rice with a freshly-prepared one even though I was probably their last customer. And $13 for two is hardly excessive. Sure, it's more than a comparable meal at Taco Bell costs, but you can't really treat Taco Bell like actual food - it's a category unto itself.

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      You misread. We shared one order of 3 tacos. This particular location was about 30% full, the trays with the food were not very full and they only thing that looked fresh was the guacamole. I still think $13 for 3 tacos, 2 drinks, chip and guacamole is a bit too much for what we got. There wasn't much meat in any of the tacos, either.

      1. re: danhole

        Then your experience was very inconsistent with what I've come to expect from Chipotle and if I were you'd I'd report the franchise.

        I'm nearly equidistant from 2 Quizno's and my kids really liked their sandwiches back when they were in high school. I would go to the shop closest to my house maybe twice a month and on one occasion I visited the other location. They used about half the ingredients that I was used to and I pointed that out. The manager said "everybody does it different" to which I tried to explain the concept of "chain" restaurants. I left the shop, picked up sandwiches at the other location and wrote a very long complaint to Quizno's.

          1. re: ferret

            Chipotle is not a franchise. All corporate.

      2. I've only eaten there twice and also don't get all the hype. I find all their meats to be really, really salty and outside of that the food is largely bland to me, it just tastes like salt. I don't get why everyone likes them so much.

        That being said, as a corporate chain they do have some better buying practices and behavior than a lot of others, some use Niman Ranch pork or locally raised chicken or what have you, and I think their corporate practices are a little better than other similar places. But outside of corporate responsibility, it's just not my thing.

        1. Their best dish is no longer available -- cebollitos, grilled green onions. Got taken off the menu when there was a green onion salmonella scare a couple years ago and I'm pretty sure they never came back.

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            Weren't the cebollitos at Baja Fresh, not Chipotle?

          2. My fiancee got Chipotle recently. I hadn't had it in awhile (10 years or so?) and took a couple bites of his barbacoa burrito with black beans, rice, pico, and that corn salsa. I have to say, it was delicious. Granted, it may be because I live in Washington, DC where the Mexican food options are extremely limited, but I really enjoyed it.

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            1. re: Melanie

              Melanie- I'm in DC now too, and sad to say, Chipotle is pretty much the best Mexican I've found around here. Poor fiance comes here to visit from Germany absolutely craving Mexican (he's from San Diego), and the best I can offer is Chipotle. Kind of makes me sad, but I've come to accept that Chipotle is the best we're going to get for awhile.

              1. re: mjhals

                I hear you. I'm originally from San Francisco. However, I try to block that out so I can enjoy Chipotle that much more :)

            2. That sucks, dude. I've only been once but actually found the burrito I ordered very tasty and very fresh. I was just turned off by the high price and relatively small portion, so I haven't been back. If they could lower prices a bit, and offer a bit larger portion size, I could recommend it without reservation.

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              1. re: NewDude

                Portion size too small? One of those burritos has to weigh a pound. One is enough for two meals. I'd actually like Chipotle a lot better if they cut back on the salt (maybe down to half?).

                1. re: jules1026

                  Seriously, those burritos are about the size of my head (never ordered the tacos). I've only been a few times (huge burritos come with huge calorie counts, and I can never bring myself to save half for later), but I've found them pretty tasty. Not as cheap as some other fast food places, but much better, and I appreciate the whole "natural" meat/local produce thing.

                  1. re: jules1026

                    I agree, their burritos are like the size of a baby! And I would be more inclined to go there now and again if they cut back on the salt.