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Mar 31, 2009 11:26 AM


My sister and I are going to be doing some errands in Golden Valley tonight, and then we planned to go out to eat. She wants to go to Pad Thai on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, but I'm looking for somewhere closer. Any ideas for a place between Golden Valley and New Brighton? It doesn't have to be Thai, just good and reasonably priced.

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  1. The Warehouse District is very convenient from Golden Valley. 112 Eatery (you can get a seat at the bar on a crappy weather night like tonight), Sapor, Saffron, Black Sheep Pizza.... Just go east on Highway 55/Olson Mem. Highway right into downtown (I prefer that to 394...either way). About 5 miles literally. I do this drive every night from my office in Golden Valley.

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    1. re: MSPD

      Going off the warehouse district idea would be NE.

      Brasa would be my first choice there.

    2. Also in NE, Red Stag has cheap date night tonight (Tuesday). It's something like 3 courses and a bottle of wine for $35 for 2 people. That's not $32 per person, that's for the both of you...great deal. Cheers.

      1. jenniegirl, i know you already went out, but next time you have to do the same thing, I'd go to Mort's Deli. The two of you could share a sandwich or entree and have plenty of food.

        1. Bahn Thai is in New Hope off 169 and Rockford Rd.

          Nala Pak, or any number of places along Central

          Washington Ave. is a good Reco, since you can head over to 35 from there. I can't recommend Be'wiched enough.

          edit: nevermind... Looks like I'm a day late. Anyone else shopping in GV tonight?

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            I realize I'm also too late, but there's a Crystal Bistro not far off your path that serves Middle Eastern food that many like.

            Where did you end up going?

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              Crystal Bistro is now called Afghan Restaurant. Same wonderful food, same owner, just a name change.