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Im thinking of a new dish and im wondering what you guys think of as traditional flavors that would go well with strawberrys thanks

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  1. Cream, grand marnier, rhubarb . Chocolate.

    1. Not traditional, but drizzled with balsamic vinegar is outrageously good. Also mint & basil go well w/ the berries.

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        Good point. I forgot about balsamic. Some people like black pepper. I tried it once and it was not my cup of tea, so to speak.

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          Yesssss--balsamic! Just tried this recently with strawberries and it's DIVINE! I used a pomegranate balsamic.

      2. Honey, cloves, cinnamon, some cheeses, butter, caramel, brown sugar, molasses, creme soda, lemon, apple, pear ......

        1. Champagne. I am going to try strawberry-champagne sorbet when strawberry season starts.

          1. Where are you getting strawberries this time of year? I am jealous.

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              I live in Orange Co in So Calif. We've had field fresh strawberries since February!

            2. Cream cheese, orange or grand marnier, champagne and maybe raspberry.
              vanilla with strawberry and rhubarb these are flavors that for me enhance, not change or mask the flavor.

                1. I had delicious strawberries with Alan Hoxon's Ale-gar Vinegar on Monday. Divine!

                  1. all of these! and brown sugar and sour cream as dippers

                    1. i once stored dried rosemary in an old strawberry jam jar (cleaned, dried out), and i kept opening the jar just to smell the contents. not sure how traditional the combination is, but i loved it.

                      1. Vanilla, cinnamon/cloves. Someone else said almond: good call, I forgot about that.