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Mar 31, 2009 10:28 AM

Is Halfsteak still going on??

I was just wondering if the Craftsteak Wednesday night promo was still going on. Also, if you went let me know what you liked!!!


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  1. The Halfsteak menu is available every night, not just Wednesday, and yes still going on.

    I went last night, and was pleasantly surprised with the number of choices, both food and alcohol. I would recommend.

    The burger didn't blow me away, but the fries were good, and the drinks kept our group happy

    1. So good, but the "halfsteak" was my least favorite part. The highlights: oyster sake shots, fried mac and cheese, smoked chicken wings with white bbq sauce(best ever), and the sliders with balsamic onions & truffled pecorino (outstanding)

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        Oh, that's funny--we thought the halfsteak was great. Burger was okay, but it's a double patty and comes with cheese sauce and is cooked medium, so not my favorite kind of burger. It was not crowded at all when we were there on a Thursday night.