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Mar 31, 2009 09:38 AM

Restaurant Galvez

This restaurant has opened in what was formerly Bella Luna in the French Market. The cuisine is Spainish and Tapas and it looks like its going to be pretty amazing. Paella in the most beautiful dining room in the Quarter!

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    1. Just had dinner there last night.....wonderful! We had the Spanish Bistec and it was delightful. Expertly cooked and presented...huge portion too.
      And what a beautiful place. The servers actually allowed us to eat on the terrace balcony. Several other tables joined in when they saw they could eat outside.

      I think this will become a hugely rare and wonderful jewel in the city.

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        This is great news. It is one of THE most beautiful locations in all of New Orleans. Some time ago I got word that a competitor (with his own restaurant nearby) wanted the space badly but was outmaneuvered by this new entity. He remarked that he would just wait for them to fail so that he could get his hands on the space. The wait may be long...best of luck to Restaurant Galvez.

      2. We ate here tonight - it was crazy good! The service was spectacular, the sangria was fantastic, the appetizers, entrees and dessert we had were authentic, imaginative, beautifully presented and delicious. Did I mention the view?? When the elevator opens on the second floor, the wall of windows facing the river, with the skyline lights and river boats, takes your breath away.
        Definitely make your way to Galvez - it's tucked away right on the river and it's the best kept secret in New Orleans!

        1. We eat here ALOT and the food is amazing! I wasn't too familiar with Spanish food before trying this place and had it in my head that it was like Mexican and very spicy. That is not at all the case. The chef came out and talked to us on our first visit and she is just delightful. The service is friendly and laidback but still very professional, and of course the views are unbelievable and there is no such thing in the place as a bad table. If it's your first visit you should sample as many tapas as you can and also get any of the Paellas. We also recommend the scallops, the lamb chops (presented with a flaming sprig of rosemary! cool!) and the steak. For dessert, go with the flan, which is served with figs on top or if they have it (its a special so they don't always), get a dessert they call the "Christine", which is a mousse parfait with crumbled fudgey cake pieces, fresh fruit, candied nuts and fresh whipped cream. Definitely this is an up and coming restaurant that deserves to be packed full every night!

          1. guess im the lone detractor -- i was there several months ago and found it very pedestrian.

            food: sangria was good, but the rest was forgettable; no Rambla or Mimi's.. im pretty sure we were disappointed the paella *didnt* have that crunchy, cast-iron-skillet-cooked layer at the bottom that is really the whole point of paella. either that or they were simply out.

            service: our server was a kid, real wet.

            atmosphere: space is absolutely gorgeous! great place for a wedding reception.

            ...sadly, did not make the rotation.