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Mar 31, 2009 09:05 AM


Where do we buy our KFP Kitniyot. We want rice cakes/nutella/bamba- all the good stuff. We are in the NY area and willing to travel. Please direct.

Member of the Kitniyot Liberation Front

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  1. "... willing to travel ..." How about Israel. Couldn't resist, :)

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        Maybe in the Syrian areas of Brooklyn or Deal, NJ?

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          I thought you were a troll, but if you're not try the sephardic/syrian Community in Brooklyn (around Ocean Pkwy , Ave U - Kings hghwy) if its' accessible. I'm sure the middle east stores there have lots of KFP kitnyos

      2. where are you exactly, in queens theres lots of kitniyot around, to the point that those who dont eat kitniyot have to ask a lot of questions,

        specifically amalya's (she posted ehr website on chowhound yesterday) has had lots of stuff over the last few years

        shes on main street in kgh on the supersol block

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          pomegranate has in the lack by the frozen area across from cheese a section with kitniyos products like rice that has already been checked etc

        2. definitely kings highway between E3-5th, all those stores will carry them

          1. As I have searched for this myself, I've found the best place in the tri-state area is Amalya grocery in Queens

            I'm going on Sunday to pick up some of the corn noodles, and milky's

            1. Found success on King;s Hgwy in Brooklyn. They just didn't have the nutella and rice cakes I was hoping for, but my figure will thank me:) I did get the corn noodles, hummus, checked rice and some other things, so I am happy. I was told that they have rice cakes at Pomegranite but we didn't want to bother. chag sameach

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              1. re: peacepug

                amalya had some israeli brand of nutella