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Mar 31, 2009 08:54 AM

Best Date options in Annapolis

Next week I plan on going on a date into Annapolis. I'm not vary familiar with the area and was wondering what would be the best date options. Not too expensive (around $15-$25 a plate) and I'm open to various cuisines. Anything near the water any good? Thanks!

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  1. I'd recommend either Carroll's Creek, or the Severn Inn just across the bridge from the Naval Academy. DO NOT go to Buddys!

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      I would highly recommend against Severn Inn. The food is as bad as the location is good . Carroll's Creek is very good and is near the water, as is the nearby O'Learys (seafood). Osteria 177 is a little pricier but very good Italian. Joss is also a very highly-rated sushi restaurant, but if you want more atmosphere, try Tsunami further from the water on West Street.

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        I 2nd Carroll's Creek. My bf and I did a trip to Annapolis for our anniversary/his birthday and we ate at Carroll's Creek. The food is excellent as is the view.

      2. Hey, I am a strong proponent of the stay away from the waterfront places in any tourist town. As previous posters said, Buddy's and to a lesser extent Servrn Inn are good examples. Thankfully Phillip's Harbor House is now gone.

        Carrol's Creek is one of the better places, but not great. Off the beaten track you could try Wild Orchid in Eastport (over the draw bridge by a few blocks). They have a pretty good prix fixe dinner menu but is slightly more than $25/per. A little way out West Street from downtown (past the circle) is Paul's Homewood. Has its own parking lot. Paul's is a local's style favorite, good Med-style and modern American cuisine. (Greek Family owned). You won't have many tourists surrounding you, mostly just hometown regulars that keep coming back. It's in your price range... very good value.

        The best crab cake place, Edgewater Restaurant, is a couple of miles out of town and has no view, just an old fashioned friendly atmosphere and the best crabcakes anywhere, bar none. You go here for the food. Order the "broiled jumbo lump" -- $17 for one big softball sized cake with 2 sides. ($29 for two). One is all I can eat . No filler, subtlely spiced -- big seperate lumps barely held together by the dressing. Take MD 2 south over the South River Bridge take a left at the light @ Mayo Rd, Its a couple hundred yds on the left. . Enjoy

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          Edgewater Restaurant might have good crabcakes but in terms of ambience it is seriously lacking. It also is not in Annapolis. I agree with the earlier poster on O'Learys. Another option is Lewnies right across the street for a decent steak with a perfect sidecar or classic cocktail. Only issue is that both places are expensive. For a cheaper option, you could consider Tsunami's which has enough space unlike some restaurants to get to know someone. My first date was with my husband at what was once called Little Campus. It is now Galway Bay. Little Campus was an old dive and we had a roach crawling on the wall, but I still married him! I wish you luck!

        2. I had great food at the Severn Inn, but it may be out of your price range for dinner.

          gzorella and JRCann - it would be helpful to know how recently you have been to the Severn Inn. After I went there and had such a great meal, I read some bad reviews that seemed to be from another era.

          I don't have a vested interest in this restaurant, but I believe in giving independent restaurants the benefit of the doubt. I went to a highly regarded chowhound place in the Federal Hill area a week ago and had a mediocre at best experience. I wouldn't trash the restaurant on this forum without going back and seeing whether it was just an off night.

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            1. I like Boatyard as well but I'm not sure its ambience is great for a "date night" -- a little too noisy. Also it's located in the Eastport section of Annapolis.