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Mar 31, 2009 08:41 AM

tentwenty in Darien

We went to 1020 last night for an early dinner. it was our first visit to the place. First impression was a very nice space, with a great bar (much needed in this area) and a nice seating area.

I had the mussels in a safron broth. they were very fresh and tasty and the portion is quite enough for an entree. My wife had the braised short ribs that come with mash potatoes. the dish was great, the meat savory and the mash was a great complement. their mini burgers with the bread and butter pickle wedges were great as well.

the only strange thing was their home made potato chips smelled like fish. i did not realize it till the end of the meal and we let the waiter know. my guess is that they stored the potatoes near fish in the fridge and the smell permeated. i don't know. but it was strange.

Very nice meal altogether.

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  1. Typically potatoes are not refrigerated. It could be the fryer oil (old oil or oil used to fry fish may create that off flavor). Or perhaps your taste buds could have been fooling you...did you eat the chips before your mussels, after, or at the same time?

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      good point. it was not the taste buds. my wife tried it too and she did not have the mussels. when i mentioned it to the waiter he smelled them and then tasted one. he agreed that something was off and said he would mention it. anyway, it did not take away from the meal in general.

    2. Is it possible you had the truffle oil chips? they do smell a little strange but taste amazing~

      1. I usually only write reviews for either rants or raves. This is a rave. I was born and raised in Stamford, and my mother still lives there. We were deciding where to go out for dinner, and were looking at the Elm Street Oyster House, but I then clicked on the link to Ten Twenty Post, and was enticed just by the menu. It was a Sunday, and it was hard to miss the 50% off all bottles of wine, so the decision was made.

        The place is large. The front room is more like a bar, with tiled floors, and is somewhat louder. We opted to sit in the side room, which is carpeted and much quieter. Our waiter was extremely attentive from the moment we sat down. Water, great bread, and butter appeared immediately. He mentioned the wine deal, which I already knew about, but it was refreshing to note that they did not try to hide it from people who might have walked in less informed.

        We shared the tuna carpaccio appetizer, which was phenomenal. It was thinly sliced tuna on a wafer thin piece of lavosh, with little dabs of wakame salad, some bits of pickled ginger and some wasabi cream sauce lightly drizzled over it. It was a very generous serving, but I probably could have eaten a ten by twenty [pun intended] foot piece of this culinary treat. The flavors blended perfectly, and would normally be something that I might expect to find in a very creative high-end sushi restaurant, but it would be hard to beat this presentation and quality.

        Both my mother and I were somewhat set on mussels, which come in your choice of five or six sauces. I ended up with a combination of mussels and clams in white wine and garlic, and my mother had the mussels in saffron-cream with bacon, mushrooms & caramelized onions. Each was extremely flavorful, and the mussels and clams were perfectly done, plump and juicy, without any closed shells in either bowl. Both were served with a large chunk of grilled garlic toast which was used as a sponge to soak up as much of the liquid as possible.

        Our waiter steered us to the TB Winery, "The Sum" Cabernet-Petit Syrah. It was nice to buy a $48 bottle of wine for $24, and it was perfect for the meal. We both prefer red, and it was just a touch lighter than a straight cab.

        Neither of us had room for dessert, but if I did, I probably would have ordered another bowl of mussels. I am already planning on visiting again the next time I am here next month.

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          I have also had about 5 meals at 1020 Post and enjoyed every one. Food is fresh, staff is great as is the atmosphere. I have also come in just to have drinks at the bar and maybe an appetizer and that is lovely as well. Elm St. Oyster Bar is the same owner with a bit more mellow vibe, but the food is just as great.