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Mar 31, 2009 08:07 AM

FDA Says Pistachios Have Salmonella

FDA says to avoid pistachios amid salmonella scare

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  1. ooh, i meant to post this last night when i heard about it on the news.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      nooooooooo!!!! I live on pistachios!!!!

    2. I purchased 2 lbs in February and have been eating them off and on -- they are from Trader Joe's -- think I should throw them out?

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      1. re: rossinyc

        At least as of the morning when I was watching the news, the FDA is saying don't throw it out yet, just don't eat it either until the scope of the recall is clear. Apparently Kraft was doing routine contamination checks and uncovered the salmonella, they went ahead an recalled the affected products voluntarily. The FDA is just being super cautious (and IMHO, it's about time!). If anything, call TJ's and ask them if their pistachios are from this supplier in question.

        1. re: rossinyc

          rossinyc, if you've been eating them without problem so far, you're fine. had you not already opened the package and eaten some, i would suggest contacting TJ's, but they're clearly safe if they haven't made you sick's not as though they're going to develop Salmonella contamination.

        2. Here's the latest on this.

          The FDA's precautionary voluntary recall is linked to Setton Pistachio and Setton International only. Only one processor is involved with the recall.

          Most pistachios are safe. In fact, the FDA and California pistachio growers/ processors now have a new site -to help ease concerns about pistachio safety

          The site lists processors not involved with the recall, as well as specific safe pistachio products and brands.

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          1. re: MoggySMA

            to piggyback on that info, here's the latest updated FDA list of recalled products:


            Trader Joe's doesn't appear on any list as recalled or not. i'll take my chances with the two bags i have stashed here :)

          2. I buy local Arizona pistachios from AZ producers at the Old Town Scottsdale farmers market. I am sure they are not affected. They are very good!!!!