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Mar 31, 2009 07:56 AM

Child friendly sushi for late lunch/early dinner

My wife and I would like to grab some sushi for our anniversary today, for the 1st time since moving to the DC area. However, we have our 1.5 year old with us. We're looking for really good food (wife is from Japan), anywhere in DC. We'll be coming from the Smithsonian, and driving, so some kind of parking nearby is a must.

Any ideas?



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  1. I like Sushi-Ko, but it's a pretty inconvenient drive from the Smithsonian.

    You could try Kaz Sushi Bistro in Foggy Bottom. Not sure about parking, but it's away from tourist path so you might find some street parking.

    There's places near Penn Quarter like Asia 9, Sushi Aoi and Sei, but I've never been.

    If you're willing to drive out to NoVA you'd have more options.

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      Thanks. I actually live in NoVA, but need a restaurant in DC today. Where in NoVA would fit my needs?



      1. re: jaybee

        Tachibana in McLean has good sushi and parking.

        Sushi Ko is good, but little parking. Sushi Kaz has some street parking and some garages close by, I am not the biggest fan of Sushi Kaz because of how slow the service is, and it is quite pricey, but the sushi when you get it is good, if you get something like the chef's tasting menu. For more generic things I really don't prefer them.

        1. re: jaybee

          Tachibana (McLean)
          Sushi Zen (North Arlington - family friendly)
          Matuba (South Arlington on Columbia Pike)

          You and your wife could go to Makoto in DC, but it's pretty fancy and probably not appropriate for children. Makoto and the newly revamped Sushi Taro feature kaiseki.

          1. re: jaydreb

            Really good sushi with Japanese wife, and 1.5 yo kid...Kaz and Sushi Ko maybe. I've only been there twice. Kaiseki at Taro will probably drive your kid crazy (but it's the place I would go for the Best Sushi and authentic Japanese). Good luck getting a booth reservation. A truely family place is Temari in Rockville. I see kids there all the time, but it's homestyled authentic Japanese place. My wife loves it as it reminds her of Japan. Despite their dishes and decor to cure the truely home sick, they have okay sushi. A cheap sushi and likely kid friendly place is Kotobuki above Makoto, but it's not really fitting of Anniversary.

            If you want kid friendly more than fancy place, go to Temari. If you really want the best food, and forget about the kid (order a quick sushi/sashimi omakase or a-a-cart), go to Taro...after confirming that they have availability. For in-betweens, try Sushi Ko more than Kaz.

        2. Might be too late, but we really like Momiji. It's in Chinatown on H btw 5th and 6th and has been open several months now. Here's their website with menu: They have hibachi, sushi, and regular menu items. Street parking may be available, but be careful of meters that prevent parking during rush hour. You can park in the gallery place lot (entrance on 6th) if necessary.