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Mar 31, 2009 07:07 AM

Jim Haynes on Sundays

In January of 2009 NPR had a short piece on Jim Haynes and his Sunday dinners, which we heard and made note of. A Chowhound search showed one entry with info on Jim Haynes dated in July of 2007. Essentially the thread said to go to meet people and enjoy edible food. Jim's homepage reports on his literary and personal life, which connects with many influencial and colorful people. The homepage also lists publications, exhibits and his other interests.

Does anyone know anymore? Any idea what the Sunday dinner cost is? Does he charge a set amount or is the affair an intoduction to fundraising? We have no idea what to expect.

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  1. It's a few years since I've been to a Jim Haynes dinner, but I doubt it's changed. You call ahead to get on his list. This is ostensibly to manage the size of attendance, but it can still get very crowded in his home. When you get there, you introduce yourself to Jim (he'll be obvious) and Jim will introduce you in turn to anyone who happens to be close.

    There are envelopes for the "contribution," which is always a fixed amount. A few years ago it was around 20 Euros. You'll have to ask when you call or arrive. For this you get a main course, salad, bread, dessert, and boxed wine. Nothing fancy or gourmet, but usually good enough. There is no fundraising.

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      Do French people go to these? or is it mainly a gathering of Americans? I have never heard of him or these gatherings before. Curious.

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        I have pasted his website above which is more current. I have been reading about his dinners for years but have not gone but would if I were in Paris on my own. One of his friends, Antonia Hoogewerf, was one of my tour guides on a Wayfarers tour I did a couple of years ago in Switzerland and she told me there are a wide variety of people who attend (she is English, lives in Paris and travels extensively in India). Aside from the contribution amount towards dinner, she told me attendees must also contribute towards conversation - no wallflowers allowed!

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          There used to be a very mixed group of attendees. However, it is now in so many guidebooks that I've heard sometimes tour groups went there. I can't give you any up to date info, however.

          If nothing else, Jim himself is a trip and worth going to meet him and watch him in action as the host.

      2. sorry hychka - I just noticed you DID look at his website. I should have read your post better.

        1. We went to Jim's this evening for conversation and fairly good food.

          We had a lot of fun!

          But remember, some experiences are about meeting great people and eating food and others are about eating great food. This was the former.

          We just rolled into our apartment after meeting about 90 new friends and we had a BLAST!!!!!

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