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Mar 31, 2009 06:03 AM

Mamaroneck Ave Pubs

Which one has the best food, beer selection, cocktails, and Happy Hour Specials???

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  1. Lazy boy saloon without a doubt has the best beer selections! I think well over 100. The web site is

    1. For straight bar food (burgers, wings, salads, etc.), I think the best James Joyce. I love the laid-back vibe in there as well. I never really liked Lazy Boy (except for their rare beer selection) or Black Bear. Porterhouse is nice, and has pretty good burgers. Brazen Fox has a much more extensive menu which is also pretty good. Elements has the most original menu - not your typical bar food - which is done really well. A little less "pub"-like in there too.

      1. Definitely add my vote to Lazy Boy for their beer selection. The food isn't very good though. Across the street Porter House has very good food and I've heard that the fish and chips at James Joyce (same side as LB) are very authentic Irish-ey and delicious.