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a thread to post your favorite chocolates?

I think my absolute favorite is the Reber Mozart Chocolate


It's a hard dark chocolate shell and chocolate truffle and marzipan inside.



Lindt is another big favorite of mine...

I like their truffles. And well, just about everything by them.

By grandmother had a sister in Zurich. Back in the mid-60's she used to bring me back Lindt from Switzerland. I fell in love back then and haven't fallen out of love since!!!

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  1. I enjoy a piece of chocolate every day. I think Godiva is way overrated, I would take a Hershey Bar with Almonds any day over Godiva. See's is my favorite, but don't have a store nearby.

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      I prefer Hershey also. As for See's they are online and will UPS to you.

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        See's is great. You can go online and make your own custom box and have it shipped. I did this and it came really quickly. A little pricey, but really good!

    2. I love eating chocolate with Nuts ! Rocher is one of my favorite kinds of chocalate. I also love belgian and swiss chocolate.

      1. give me proper English Cadbury's any day. Nothing beats a Flake.

        1. Dove dark or milk chocolate bites
          Peppermint Rittersport

          1. the place where i usually get my 99% cocoa content Lindt choco has stopped stocking it. i'm soooooo gutted because i eat a square with a double [actually triple] espresso x2 everyday. luckily i can still get it in Germany and Belgium.

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              99%? Damn, you're hardcore. Much respect. My favorite is a Hachez 88% dark, or Lindt 85% if I can't find that. The Endangered Species Bat Bar with cacao nibs is pretty good too. Actually, my favorite truffles are the ones my family makes every year at christmas from Callebaut semi-sweet, in flavors from the usual (mint, raspberries, hazelnut) to more interesting (ginger, cayenne/cinnamon, jasmine, and my favorite, mulling spices).

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                yeah it has to be 99%. i've tried 100% [another brand] but i think Lindt is much better. can't eat the stuff with flavours added, and even if it's plain but not 99% i only taste sugar.

                recently i had to resort to a souvenir shop, also sells lots of Lindt, for the 99%, turned out they've only got 1 bar left and are awaiting new delivery. i don't think the ship is coming though. Lindt has probably discontinued shipment of the 99% to where i am.

                eating my only bar with very thick espresso as we speak. i think i'm going to have to order straight from Lindt & Spr√ľngli on the interweb from now on.


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                i would take some of that chocolate and whirl it around in my daily morning iced-blended mocha so that i'd have chocolate chips/flakes to give the drink and extra zing.

              3. I've spent a ton of money on expensive chocolates. But there are no good chocolatiers near where I live and some of the good ones charge so much for shipping! These days, I'm not willing to spend what amounts to $2.00 per one bonbon.

                Lately I've been enjoying my favorite good ole standbye - plain m&ms. I still like them! I love hershey bars too.

                1. Teuscher's - truffles and jewels
                  Jacques Torres - Alize, lovebugs & Wicked hot chocolate!
                  Munson's (CT) - chocolate with creamy peanut butter centers, so delicious and LOCAL!
                  Ethel M's (Las Vegas) - lemon satin cremes
                  Chocopologie (Norwalk, CT) - many special chocolate treats
                  K Chocolatier (Los Angeles) - KBears, KPecan Biskits and truffles

                  1. The best I've ever had came from Bernachon in Lyon. Ineffably wonderful.

                    1. Wal-Mart of all places has a decent dark chocolate that been recently stocked in my area. It is a Costa Rican trinitario chocolate called Hageland. It is made in belgium, and imported to California. It is one of the smoothest dark chocolates I have ever had. It tastes extremely fruity and smokey to me. The price is good too. Just $2.12 for a 3.5 oz bar.

                      I'm not too thrilled about spending my money at Wal-Mart, though recently, I have been happy that they are trying to be a bit more responsible in their business model. More importantly, though I like the taste, I'm a little worried about this bar. I'm not exactly sure who makes it, there is what seems like a purposeful lack of information about the company, and the importing company has an address outside San Fransisco at docks which have a heavy Asian Mafia influence. Maybe I'm crazy, but it just seems suspicious.

                      Tastes good though-lol!

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                        I was at Walmart Union City store, CA today & noticed they have the Hageland candy bars. Prices are now $2.28. Costa Rica 71% cocoa; Uganda 80% cocoa; Peru 64% cocoa; Pear & Almonds dark. Didn't buy any.

                        NewTree - $3.97/ea. Flavors they had: Superfruit; Dark; Granola

                        Chuao Chocolate $3.97/ea - Caracas; Panko; Spicy Maya; Firecracker - those are my favorite candy bars.

                      2. My favorite straight chocolate bar is probably the Valrhona Le Noir Gastronomie. I think the name has changed, but it's the 61% bar. Love it.

                        1. I'm a big fan of Lindt dark with fleur de sel. Right now, we're having some of the Lindt dark with chili.

                          Also a big fan of this brand called Chocolove that I found wandering Whole Foods one day. Rich, creamy, simple.

                          And See's marzipan remains my favorite marzipan chocolate. The marzipan isn't really even proper, is it? But I love it.

                          1. My favourite chocolate is a handmade one called 'Love Story' made by a not particularly grand, but decent enough chocolate place near where I live. You can get it in white, milk or dark (dark being 70% and my favourite) and it's shaped as 2 little love hearts and filled with the silkiest Grand Marnier buttercream ever. So gorgeous, so delicious!

                            1. Mast Brothers. Made in Brooklyn. Not cheap ($8-10/bar) but I don't eat it all the time.

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                                Just tried a Mast Bros. Madagascar, and am quite unimpressed. Tastes quite bitter, way too much salt, and vastly overpriced. Doesn't compare to Michel Cluizel, available at Zabar's. Even the Scharffenberger (owned by Hershey) at Whole Foods is superior. Anyone tried Tcho from SF?

                                1. re: alt.

                                  I really like Michel Cluizel's dark Venezuelan bars. I used to give a rainbow selection of their different origin bars as very pretty gifts to my mom. We would compare all the different locations, and we really loved the Venezuelan one.

                                  Favorite "fancy" chocolate is Leonidas (Marron, Alexandre le Grand, Gianduja, Eve (dark)). I was disappointed by the texture and flavors (and prices) of Teuscher, Neuhaus, La Maison du Chocolat, and Godiva (which all have a distinctive gross taste).

                                  Favorite "eating chocolate" (sadly, I could eat bars and bars of this, right after another) is Hershey's milk chocolate. When I went to school in Ireland for a year (1991-1992), I was DYING for Hershey's (Cadbury was too milky for me, and Yorkies had the worst marketing ("just for boys?" Really!?!)). When my room mate's parents came to visit, I begged them to bring Hershey's bars. They (her parents) were very sweet and did. But which kind? Symphony Bars! Hershey's attempt at a European style bar. Sigh. On the other hand, Dublin was when I first learned about Leonidas, so not a chocolate waste of a year, after all.

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                                    Update! Just back from Cape Town, where I found DV Artisanal Chocolates -"from bean to bar". Rivals or surpasses Cluizel for richness and silkiness. Worth checking out their website.

                                2. I very much like Ghirardelli bittersweet. It isn't sexy or trendy, but the flavor is superior to most. Some of the frou-frou chocolates have a strong moldy taste to me.

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                                    I'm all over the map on chocolate:
                                    Lake Champlain Chocolate
                                    La Maison du Chocolat
                                    Ethel M
                                    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
                                    Russel Stover

                                    and...those Godiva dessert truffles are REALLY good!

                                  2. My current favorites are the Lindt Truffles.

                                    And as a PSA, Costco now has 50 count bags of mixed, (including peanut butter), for about $10.

                                    $0.20/each is the cheapest I've ever found them.

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                                      The peanut butter and stracciatella are the best!

                                    2. Dagoba - the berry varieties

                                      Anything from Oaxaca.

                                      1. La Iberica, from Arequipa, Peru. Locally made, locally sold, and absolutely amazing in simple little pastilles! Somehow has a fruit and cinnamon note that they swear comes from the beans. No extra flavorings added. Absolutely worth begging friends who are travelling that way to bring back for you!

                                        1. Guylian Seashells
                                          Lindt Truffles, especially the dark chocolate truffles.
                                          And Russell Stover makes chocolates that tasted way better than I expected.

                                          1. dry processed brazillian mogiana.

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                                                oh, that's brazillian coffee. when fresh made as cappuchino, tastes better than chocolate, with some of the same flavor components -- and more alcohols.

                                                coffee doesn't have the evil slime molds that seem to always infest cacao, so it gets less processing.

                                              1. I like my chocolate in the 40-65% range.

                                                Best time of my life was when we were in Berlin at the Fassbender & Rausch chocolate shop. It was beyond awesome - they had a huge assortment of varying percentages so you can nibble them all to see what you really l liked. Oooohhhh, it was awesome.

                                                I won't eat Hershey's. There are so many good chocolates out there, why in the world would you eat chalky stuff? Personally, I like the massive chocolate bars you can find at Aldi's. I'll go Dove if there's nothing fancier. My mainstay is Ritter Sport bars and when I'm in Chicago I always stop at Fannie May for a Chocolate Almond bar.

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                                                  I tried ordering some Fannie May online once and was totally underwhelmed. It all LOOKS so good, and they offer some good coupons, but I just didn't love the chocolate. I've never tried the Ritter Sport bars...might have to check those out.

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                                                    Yeah, I stopped liking the plain chocolate bars a while ago, but I still really like their almond bars and their Mint Meltaways.

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                                                      Mint Meltaways...you're right about those!

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                                                    I don't think Hershey's is "chalky" at all. I think a better description is "waxy."

                                                  3. From most to least, I like Ghirardelli 86%, Lindt 90%, and Lindt 85%. To me the Ghirardelli 86% has the strongest "cocoa" flavor, whereas the Lindts have more of a bitter, fruity taste. I've tried some of the more expensive chocolates (the kind you find at Whole Foods) and have usually found them fruitier but not really any better.