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Mar 31, 2009 05:46 AM


a thread to post your favorite chocolates?

I think my absolute favorite is the Reber Mozart Chocolate

It's a hard dark chocolate shell and chocolate truffle and marzipan inside.



Lindt is another big favorite of mine...

I like their truffles. And well, just about everything by them.

By grandmother had a sister in Zurich. Back in the mid-60's she used to bring me back Lindt from Switzerland. I fell in love back then and haven't fallen out of love since!!!

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  1. I enjoy a piece of chocolate every day. I think Godiva is way overrated, I would take a Hershey Bar with Almonds any day over Godiva. See's is my favorite, but don't have a store nearby.

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    1. re: Babyducks

      I prefer Hershey also. As for See's they are online and will UPS to you.

      1. re: Janet

        See's is great. You can go online and make your own custom box and have it shipped. I did this and it came really quickly. A little pricey, but really good!

    2. I love eating chocolate with Nuts ! Rocher is one of my favorite kinds of chocalate. I also love belgian and swiss chocolate.

      1. give me proper English Cadbury's any day. Nothing beats a Flake.

        1. Dove dark or milk chocolate bites
          Peppermint Rittersport

          1. The original comment has been removed