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Mar 31, 2009 05:29 AM

Baltimore Restaraunt List - Need Feedback !


Going into Baltimore to take college son and roommates to dinner

He emailed me this list of his choices last nite and said he had no preference - but they looked fun to him

WOULD love some feedback !!!


Jordans Steak House
Roy's Restaurant
Darker then Blue Cafe
Fogo de Chao
Bicycle Bistro


We are probably gonna go this Fri nite - if it makes a difference

Would love to find a Sat nite place for the boys where we could eat and watch the UConn game (tips off at 6 pm) while we were there and get a good meal to boot !!!

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  1. Jordan's is out in Ellicott City, about 15 minutes from downtown at least. Roy's and Fogo are both chains and you can find them everywhere. I would definitely go with the Bicycle in Federal Hill. They have a great menu.

    Also, for Saturday check out Ryleigh's (also in Federal Hill) for sports and really good food. But get there earlier than tip off, because it's going to fill up as it's popular.

    1. Roy's: Unremarkable chain
      Fogo de Chao: Very good churrascaria (grilled meat served tableside) but part of a grill. Might be very appealling for college-age (all you can eat steak, lamb, sausage, salad bar).
      Bicycle Bistro: Casual, updated American "bistro" fare (what does that mean these days?)--fun, not pretentious, in Federal Hill, so the college kids can go out afterwards.
      Neither of the above has TVs in the dining room. Fogo de Chao is down Pratt street from two sports bars.

      Haven't been to Jordans or Darker than Blue so unable to comment on them.

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      1. re: chefdilettante

        Maybe the Federal Hill spot would work out for all - - - Fogo as well......

        If there are 5 of us - on a Fri this weekend - does one need to make advance reservations - say for a 6 pm table?

          1. re: Turkeybone

            yeah better do that today before it gets crazy running out the door !!!

            wonder if that Darker than Blue place does lunch - have to go see if they have a website and check

              1. re: crowsonguy

                last time i drove by darker than blue they had a bank sign on their door indicating the place was being sold.
                you can't go wrong with bicycle.